A Good Read

Please, please, please go and read my friend Jennifer’s thoughts today.  Whew!  In a nutshell, it’s exactly my thoughts and my heart!  Taking the time to read the links she provides would be a great use of time — and just might work to convince you that you believe in inclusion for all students, too!  🙂

Jennifer and I have become good friends and share the joys and the struggles of loving a child with disabilities.  We also support each other in decisions we make regarding our children’s education.  Ours is a relationship I am hugely thankful for.  I know you will enjoy a stop at her blog.

I’m so struggling today with making decisions about next year for Chloe.  Jennifer’s post will fill you in the WHY I want her in general ed at her neighborhood school with her neighbors and her brothers.  But today I’m also weighing a bunch on the negative side of her attending that school another year.  I’ll fill you in completely soon . . . .  In the meantime, please pray that Paul and I will have wisdom in our decision for her.  Thank you.  Really, thank you!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Angel on May 6, 2011 at 8:48 AM

    Thanks for sharing your friend’s post. . .I’m learning a lot from you and your friends. Blessings as you make your decisions.


  2. I love you:-) Totally love that cartoon!!!!


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