The Car Seat

I have been remiss . . . I have withheld info from you because of my own laziness!

. . . I was very excited to receive it!  I’ve been looking forward to sharing the news with you!  I took photos of it, but could never remember to get the photos off of the camera and on to my computer.

What is it??  It’s Chloe’s car seat!

We have waited on this car seat for a long time. We were hoping Medicaid would pay for it, remember?  The process was ridiculously slow.  We had to write several letters of medical necessity.  The doctors had to respond and approve.  The therapists had to respond and approve.  It had to be approved through our private insurance.  And then it had to be approved by Medicaid.

The end result is that Chloe got her new car seat!  She actually has a car seat that is big enough for her and one that she is safe to ride in.  We love it.  And, yes, Medicaid paid for it!

These photos are from the day the car seat was delivered.  The man from the durable medical equipment company delivered and installed the seat.  I think he thought I was a weirdo for taking photos, and I assured him that I would not show him in any of the photos . . . .   Also shortly after this, Paul figured out how to recline the seat a little bit so now Chloe doesn’t have to sit as straight up as she is in these photos.

Thanks again to SafeKids, USA for giving us the interim car seat we were using.  And thanks to Medicaid and Aetna for Chloe’s new car seat.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. That car seat looks awesome and Chloe looks very comfortable in it. I have been thinking about getting the process started for Gracie to get a seat but just haven’t started it yet. Looking at how great Chloe looks in her seat makes me want to get started!


    • Oh, Debbi, get started now! It was a 6 month process for us! I love the seat. It’s comfortable and safe and has a ton of growing room — it’s almost big enough for me! I am very pleased with it. 🙂


  2. Yay! Chloe looks so happy in her comfy new car seat. I bet she will be much happier now on car trips in a seat she fits in. And what a relief that Medicaid came thru and paid for it! I’m so excited for y’all!


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