Lots of Fun, but Lots of Money

A plastic ball and two bowling pins.

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I love spring break.  I love spring break!  I LOVE SPRING BREAK!  I only wish it were longer.  I really, really needed spring break this year.  I needed it perhaps more than I’ve ever needed it.  And I have loved just hanging with my kids and having nearly no responsibilties.  Love it!

Yesterday the kids and I went out for pizza for lunch and then went bowling.  I thought it sounded like a fun, easy, cheap thing that all four of us would enjoy.  Well, the pizza was yummy and cheap.  And the bowling was a lot of fun.  But it was NOT cheap.  Gone bowling lately?  If not, then prepare to be surprised!  I dropped $45 for the four of us to bowl two games.  Unbelievable.

Need I point out that bowling is a possible nightmare of an experience for a child with sensory issues?  It is an even greater risk when you take two children with sensory issues into the place.  Think about it:  no windows, cave-like feeling, lights, computer monitors, cigarette smoke, balls crashing into pins, ball machines thumping, pin mechanism clanking, loud talking, people cheering, flat uncomfortable shoes that don’t fit . . . I could go on and on.  But both Zippy and Chloe did a great job. 

Is it a cruel mama who did her absolute best and won both games like crazy?  (Probably not any crueller of a mama who waited on her kids to wake up on St. Patrick’s Day so she could pinch them, knowing they hadn’t slept in green pjs. . .)

I did not get shoes for Chloe.  The excuse I gave the man at the counter was that she had on orthotics in her shoes and she needed to keep them on.  But the biggest reason was that I knew Chloe was going to sit down on the floor and push the ball toward the pins. . . and I didn’t think bowling shoes were necessary for that.  What is the purpose of bowling shoes anyway?  Does anyone know?  I mean besides just trying to make us all look like dorks out of some other decade.  Do they serve a purpose?

For the first part of the first game, I helped Chloe walk up to the edge of the alley — is that the correct term? — and sit down with the ball between her legs.  Then I would remind her to push the ball hard and fast.  She would sit and wait on the mood to strike her, and then she would push that 6 pound ball on its way.  It took a while for the ball to reach the pins, but it made it everytime.  And I think she knocked pins down with every ball but one. 

Watching the boys’ form was really entertaining.  Not a pretty sight, but entertainment, for sure!

For the second part of the first game, I helped Chloe stand up, hold the ball, and heft it on down the alley.  I think she liked throwing the ball just like everyone else was doing.  When given the choice, she chose standing up every time.  And again, she knocked pins down every time.

Chloe opted out of the second game so the boys took turns throwing balls for her turn. 

“Throwing balls” is probably not a respectable bowling term.  I’m really hoping no for real, genuine bowler follows my blog because I’m sure this post has been very offensive.

We all had “a ball”  . . . and did I mention that I won??!!  🙂  I was only winning to teach my children some character building skills:  how to handle it when your mama is better than you are at something.  And how to handle it when your mama rubs it in.  And a lesson in humility, of course.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jamie on March 18, 2011 at 12:04 AM

    You r a dork for not letting those babies win! I hate bowling. I have Baylor to thank for that. Almost couldn’t graduate because I almost failed Bowling II. Haven’t played since. Never been so darned frustrated in my life. Loving that u r loving spring break!


    • Thanks for being honest with me about the cruelty of my winning and bragging! 😉 I guess I need to take your girls bowling and beat their socks off! 🙂


  2. Posted by Mom on March 18, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    Somehow, right now, I feel like a failure as a mother!! Apparently, I failed to teach you all those things you are teaching your children! Especially the “humility” one!!


  3. Yowza! That is a lot of money. Congrats to you for winning. I’m so bad at bowling, I doubt I could have beat your kids! 🙂


    • Bad at bowling, huh, Maranda? Maybe I’d like to bowl with you sometime, too, since I’m on such a winning streak!! 🙂


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