Always on a Thursday

Really?  Is it already time again?  My, how time flew . . . not sure we were even having fun.  Six weeks have past?  It’s already time for report card day again?

Ugh.  I always think I’m going to remember which day it’s happening so I can be prepared for it.  But I always forget and am blindsided at 3PM each report card day.  This time was no different.

Well, yes, it was.  Paul was the one that was blindsided since he had taken the day off to help care for Chloe, and he was the one who picked the boys up from school on report card day.  I was in the house helping Chloe with something when I heard screaming, screeching, and crying from outside.  I ran outside to see what in the world was going down.

The first words I heard out of my distraught son’s mouth were, “I’m too dumb for school!  I can’t do school!  I’m too bad at school!  Aaaauuuggg!”

And I saw the crumpled report card in his hand.  And my heart instantly broke with his.

I immediately started chanting, “I’m so sorry.  I’m so sorry, baby.  I’m so sorry.”  I knew I couldn’t convince Zip at that moment that he wasn’t dumb.  I knew I couldn’t begin my “Just do your best” mantra at that moment of distress.  But I knew I could tell him I was sorry, and I knew that I could be sad with him.

For the next little while, we alternated between cuddling and my saying how sorry I was . . . to Zach’s kicking and screaming and slamming doors.  It was a behavior that I allowed because he needed to express his disappointment and his frustration.

He had failed reading.  This was the first time a failing grade had shown up on his report card.  And the rest of his grades were 70s.  He was so mad and so sad that there were no As or Bs on his report card.  And he was devastated that he had failed reading.

After a half-hour or so (pretty short for a report card day, actually) of freaking out, he calmed a bit.  We had a little more controlled conversation about his disappointment.  And then we were done.

For now anyway.


4 responses to this post.

  1. We love you Zippy and think you are VERY smart!


  2. UGH!!!!!!! That’s all I have:-(


  3. Thanks, girls. I wish I could say, “This, too, shall pass.” But . . . .


  4. Posted by Melissa Coco on March 17, 2011 at 7:10 PM

    ok – i am a little late but what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t say – Zippy you are amazing in so many ways! We love you


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