One Down . . .

Today was Zippy’s first TAKS test of the year.  TAKS– Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.  You know, the test that stresses my child and many, many other children.  The test that is the focus of every meeting and every conference at the school.  The test that is mentioned every single day.  The test that teachers, administrators, students, and parents all dread.  Yes, the dreaded TAKS.

Today Zach took the Writing portion of the test.

For the past couple of weeks, his anxiety level has certainly been up.  We’ve talked quite a bit about the test.  The last practice test they took at school . . . Zippy scored a 30.  Ouch.  How’s that for building confidence?  The teachers have been threatening that if the students don’t pass this scary test that they will have to repeat 4th grade.  I try to undo all the added stress of each day.  All day the teachers stress the importance and the seriousness of TAKS.  All night I’m talking Zippy back down . . .  just do your best, don’t worry, there’s nothing to be scared of, you just do your best.

But last night and this morning, he seemed fine.  He was in a fine mood before school this morning.  He went to school just fine and dandy.  After he left for school, I was a wreck thinking about him.  I prayed for him that God would bless him and would cause him to prosper.  I prayed that no matter what that his heart would be protected.

After school he seemed chipper enough.

“How was your test, Zip?” was my question after a couple of minutes.

“Good,” he replied.

“Good!?  Well, good!  I’m so glad!” A silent prayer of thankfulness for a positive day for my boy.

He did complain about the day being painfully boring.  It’s ridiculous how they make them stay silent for the entire day.  No recess, no PE, silent lunch.  Silence, silence, silence.  They are really hardcore about it.  It’s pathetic to think of a class of 9 year olds having to be still and silent for the entire day.

Then his confession:  “Mom, I tried and tried and tried not to be the first one finished!  I really did.  I tried hard.  I tried and tried not to finish first!”

“Yeah?  Well, were you?”

“Yes!” he announced, disappointed.  “I finished first.”

From school we headed straight to IHOP to celebrate with plates full of pancakes for National Pancake Day.  Teaching my child to feed his worries??  Maybe.  But a full tummy helps nearly every worry feel a little bit better for at least a little while.  🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. At least it’s over! And what a great way to celebrate…pancakes:-)


  2. Oops! I so wanted to include this in my post, but I completely forgot!! Zippy’s Language Arts teacher called him the night before the test to encourage him, wish him luck, and remind him of how smart he is! It meant the world to him! He was so sweet on the phone and quite smiley when he got off. Thank you, Mrs. M! 🙂


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