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Fluoxetine HCl 20mg Capsules (Prozac)

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As you may remember, Zach’s been having some anxiety issues for the last several months.  I mean, he always has anxiety issues, but they have been worse the last few months.  We had an appointment with his psychiatrist last week.  She was quite concerned about his anxieties, his impulsiveness, and his obsessive tendencies.  She doubled his Prozac and asked me to watch him closely to see if he needs an even higher dose.

The first day or so that I gave him his increased dose, I thought I was seeing too much manic behavior — he was very chatty and up, up, up.  Don’t know if that makes sense unless you’ve ever had experience with a child with psych issues.  But he seemed manic and seemed like he needed a higher dose of his ADHD med.  He also seemed more emotional and sensitive — a sign that maybe he needed more of his mood stabilizer.  It was odd.

But I kept on giving it to him and kept watching to see what was happening.

Well, yesterday morning before school, I noticed one of Zach’s pills in the kitchen sink.  Hmmmm.  I called him into the kitchen and pointed to the pill.  “Are your other pills in the sink, too?” I asked.

He looked at me with an expression . . . an expression . . . well, it was an expression that anyone could interpret as “I am so guilty and so busted and I’m panicking inside and have no idea what words to spit out so I’ll just stand here and pretend I don’t understand English anymore.”

He quickly realized I wasn’t falling for the not-understanding-English part when I asked the question again a little louder and demanded a spoken answer.

Ends up that, yes, all three of his morning pills were in the sink.  I immediately marched him over to the medicine, got out three new ones and had him swallow them while I was watching.

It dawned on me later that perhaps today wasn’t the first day the pills had ended up in the sink.

Don’t know if you know it or not, but psych drugs are the drugs that have the warnings not to just quit cold turkey and start up cold turkey (or hot turkey or whatever the saying might be!).  It’s important for some of these meds to be kept at a certain level in the patient’s body.

I called my sneaky, now medicated little twit back in the kitchen and asked him if today was the first day he had put his pills in the sink.  I spied the slightest of slight little shakes of the head.  Nope.  He’d thrown them out before.

“How many days have you put your pills in the sink?” I needed to know.

He held up 10 fingers and showed me an I-have-no-idea expression.  He had no clue how many days he’d thrown his medicine out.

“Were you putting your medicine in the sink before we saw Dr. N last week?”  You know, last week when she doubled your medication since it obviously wasn’t working!!??

Again, just the slightest little nod indicating that, yes, he’d been throwing it out for a while.

Well, no more mystery why his meds weren’t working!


So he’s taking his meds again.  I’m watching each pill go down — seeing it with my own little eyes.

And he’s reporting that he doesn’t feel so weird anymore.  He doesn’t feel uncomfortable or out of control anymore.  School doesn’t seem so daunting anymore.  Hmmmm.  I should have had him on this medication a long time ago!  Oh, wait, I did, didn’t I?

Little stinker!


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  1. WOW!!! He had to be feeling strange! I had to switch ADD meds at Christmas time, and because of a mix up with pharmacy and insurance, etc., I went 4 days without meds. On that fourth day, I lost it!!!! I was really crazy. I can’t imagine a child having to try and figure all of that out. So glad he’s actually taking the medicine now and feeling better.


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