The Stuff

This is a brand new song that Zippy and I heard on the radio heading back to school after a doctor appt this week.  We both loved it!  It is so catchy and “dancy!”  He’s talked about it several times since then wanting to hear it again.  I told him I’d find it on the internet for him to listen to.  He thinks it’s his new favorite song!  🙂

I’m posting it here to encourage you today — and to remind you to not let the little stuff get you down, but also to realize that it’s even those little frustrating things that God is using in your life!  He cares about the big stuff we’re going through, but He also is very aware of those little aggravating things.  I know I have often been so frustrated by annoying things — getting a speeding ticket, a kid getting an ear infection, homework, burning dinner, losing the camera, etc. — when I think, “Sheesh!  I don’t have time for all this crazy annoying life stuff — I’m having a hard enough time with the big things in my life!  Spare me, God!”  Can you relate?

Well, then, enjoy this awesome little tune!  🙂  And let me know what you think.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Here’s a fun live video of the song. Zippy and were right — we thought she was playing a ukulele! Fun!


  2. love love love this song!
    thanks for sharing!


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