Medicine Run

Have you ever been embarrassed by how many prescriptions you’re dropping off at the pharmacy all in one day?  Ever been embarrassed to go to the pharmacy everyday in a week?  Ever been amazed at the stash of medicines on your counter?

Yeah, me, too.

Often, actually.

But the truth is I have mostly gotten over the embarrassment of my frequent visits to the pharmacy.  In fact, my children and I love being called by name when we pull up at the drive-thru window of CVS.  “Hi, Mrs. Mastin!  Dropping off or picking up today?”  It’s like the olden days . . . living in a little town where everybody knows your name!  Now that’s service!  And it wouldn’t happen without frequent trips to the pharmacy.

It’s funny the few times I’ve shown up at the window in Paul’s car.  They come to the window and greet me as if they are greeting a stranger.  But before they finish their greeting, they realize it’s me.  “Oh, hi, Mrs. Mastin!  I didn’t recognize you in this car!”  🙂

I have learned to love the relationship I have with the pharmacists and with the techs.  They are always so nice and so glad to see me.  After all, I’ve paid to send their families on a few vacations with my family’s frequent visits to their business!  🙂

But I have to admit that yesterday I felt some embarrassment.  I had just gone through the drive-thru the day before with some usual prescriptions.  We were all stocked up and ready for a few weeks of meds.  But then yesterday, we had 5 doctor appointments.  Yes, 5.  I know it sounds crazy.  But it’s true.  Zachary had 2, Elliot had 2, and Chloe had 1.  And after a full day of doctor appointments, I showed up at the CVS drive-thru window with a stack of 9 new prescriptions.  Yikes.  That was one time I was wishing I could hide behind something and not be recognized.  9 prescriptions.

The pharmacy tech raised her eyebrows when she saw the stack of prescriptions.  I looked at her apologetically.  But she didn’t care.  At least she wasn’t going to get bored in the next hour or so!

“When do you want to pick these up, Mrs. Mastin?” was her question, accompanied by a friendly smile.

I wasn’t exactly positive if the smile was for me or if it was for the next vacation she knew she’d be going on because of my family.  But it doesn’t matter.

Either way, I think they love me!  🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Before Gracie, I never knew how important it is to have a good pharmacy! Oh the lessons our children teach us!


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