Chloe’s Photography

Chloe loves cameras.  Chloe loves anything electronic, actually.  If it runs on batteries or electricity, Chloe loves it.  She gets quite obsessive about getting her hands on whatever electronic she spies.

I am constantly taking the camera away from her.  She grabs the camera and runs off to her room with it to snap photos of all of her favorite things.  She takes videos, too, of her favorite toys.

Recently, she grabbed the camera without my knowing and took many photos of objects in her room.  I chose a few to share with you.  It seems as though in these photos, Chloe is attempting to take a photo of herself with Violet, her purple dog.

Oh, funny, funny.

Oh, don’t laugh!  I’ll bet you’ve tried some self-photography yourself!  🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. I love it! 🙂


  2. […] had to share this, too!  As soon as I hit publish on yesterday’s post, I picked up the camera and looked at the photos that were stored on it.  Seems as though Chloe […]


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