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Then and Now


November 2001, I went to the pediatrician’s office.

“Doctor, my baby boy is really stiff.  And even though he’s 6 months old, he doesn’t move very much at all.  I think something’s wrong.”

After a quick exam, the doctor had an answer.  “Well, ma’am, your baby has cerebral palsy.”

“What?  But . . .  he . . . Well. . .  Please . . . ”

“I think there is a good chance he will be able to write his name.  And I think he will probably be able to walk.  But he will need a lot of extra help to accomplish those things.”


Summer 2002, Paul and Elliot danced like crazy men in our living room in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Elliot was nearly 3.  One-year-old Zachary watched from his exersaucer.  Zachary smiled and laughed while he watched his daddy and his brother dance.  Paul’s daddy heart ached deeply, wondering if Zachary would ever be able to join them in a crazy dance or if he would always have to be an observer.


These days, Zachary can write his name.  And he can walk.

And he dances a whole lot more than Elliot or Paul ever do.


And today he scored 6 points in his basketball game!



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