Christmas Break

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The kids and I are loving Christmas break!

Christmas carols!  Advent!  Parties!  Christmas presents and Christmas lights!  Anticipation!  Counting down the days!  Excitement!

No homework!  No school!  No catching the bus!  No early mornings!  No tutoring!  No testing!  No assignments!

We love it!  And we needed it!

Hopefully I will fill you in on what fun we’ve been having later, but for now a story from funny Zach.  🙂

After leaving a Christmas party, we drove around for a short time and looked at some Christmas lights.  There is a nearby neighborhood (Diamond Loch) that does a great job with their lights.  It is a small neighborhood so just about the time the kids have reached their limit and are just about to start crying with boredom or frustration, we’re done!  Perfect!

There are a couple of houses in that neighborhood that have synchronized their lights to music and have bought a radio station broadcast for the month.  Sitting in front of the house, tuning your radio to the station, you get a fun light show.  I must admit that I don’t like this year’s music / lights show as much as last year’s, but it’s still very impressive to see.

As we pulled up into the cul-de-sac of the light show house, we told the kids to look and to watch.  The boys watched for a couple of milliseconds and then went back to their business — playing their Nintendo ds and laughing together.

A few minutes later while Paul and I and Chloe were still watching the show, Zippy unbuckled and came up front.  He watched the show for a minute.

“Are those lights going with the radio?” he asked, a little bit interested.


“Are they going with our radio?” he wanted to know.


He watched it for a few seconds.

“Is that why we’re staring at it?” was his question.

Um, yes.  That’s why we’re staring at it.  And I’m guessing you’re unimpressed.  🙂

Funny.  We decided just to move on and make our way home.

Just another Christmas memory to share together.  🙂


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paul on December 23, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    This video isn’t very good, but it is the actual house we were staring at the other night. It’s from last year, and you’re right, they had better music last year.


  2. Kelly,
    Thanks for this post. Without you and Jenny, I wouldn’t know about half of the stuff going on around the metroplex. Have a very, very, Merry Christmas. And hugs to you all.


  3. After viewing this post, we went to Diamond Loch last night. It was perfect! We had gone to Interlochen in Arlington a few nights ago, but it was way too much. This was perfect. Thanks for the tip.


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