My Letter to Santa


Image by George Eastman House via Flickr

Dear Santa,

I write this letter knowing the truth about you.   . . .knowing that I won’t get a response and knowing that you aren’t going to come sliding down my chimney. . .  knowing that all of the mysteries of your tale that I couldn’t reason through as a child were truly valid questions and impossibilities.

I write this letter knowing that you aren’t going to come grant my wishes like the genie that I wish you were. . . knowing that your belly wouldn’t shake like a bowl of jelly even if I told you the funniest joke.

Then why, you might ask, am I writing this letter at all?

Hmmmm.  Not sure, really.  Just a cute way to present my list of wishes and desires, I think.

So, Santa, in case you do decide to show up and surprise me this year, I’ve compiled for you a list of things that I would love to have.  Thanks in advance for any of these things you decide to put under the tree.

  1. A maid.  I don’t need a come-in-once-a-week-and-vacuum type maid.  I need a maid who will 24/7 be here picking up after me and my children and my husband.  I would like for her to cook and do the grocery shopping, do laundry, and help the kids with their homework.
  2. A gardener.  While we’re on the subject of household servants, I may as well mention a gardener.  He wouldn’t have to be here 24/7, but a daily visit for watering the flower beds, pulling weeds, and dead-heading the mums would be great.
  3. An automatic recorder/announcer.  “Speak nicely.”  “Stop that.”  “Leave him alone.”  “Shhhh.  Not so loud.”  “Don’t touch your brother.”  “Boys!  Stop!”  “Put your clothes in the hamper.”  “Never spit on the carpet.”  “Don’t forget to flush.”  “Wash your hands.”  “Get back in your bed.”  What I picture is some sort of device that knows which of the above phrases needs to be said and just automatically says it so I can save my breath.
  4. A secretary.  This person may need to be a 24/7 deal — at least for a while.  There is a ton of filing that needs to be done.  Plus copies and organizing and thank you cards and phone calls and paperwork.
  5. A dog trainer.  The dog is driving me crazy.  Either a dog trainer or boot camp for the doggie.  I guess if I asked for boot camp, then I could ship him off for a couple of weeks.  That’d be nice.
  6. Wisdom.  It would make life so much easier if I had much wisdom when dealing with my children.  I long to say and do the right things for them.  I desire for all 3 of them to grow up to be Godly, confident, kind, and loving peeps who contribute beautifully to their world.  Is that too much to ask for?
  7. A kind voice.  My voice has become harsh lately.  I really need my kind, patient, soft voice to come back so I can throw out this harsh and loud voice.  I want to speak kindly ALWAYS.  My children need to hear Mom correcting in a loving voice.
  8. An extra day in each week.  Preferably the extra day would be during the weekend so they could be family days.  It is nearly impossible to fit everything in in only 7 days each week.  I think this extra day would really improve my life.
  9. 27 hour days.  Just in case you can’t deliver on the wish above for an extra day each week, then maybe 3 extra hours each day would do it.  My preference here would be 3 extra daylight hours that could be used for accomplishing tasks.
  10. A magic finder.  I’m picturing a device that helps me locate lost items:  cameras, ipods, remotes, papers, etc.  Maybe it needs to flash or beep or  . . . or heck, just go to the lost item and bring it back to me.
  11. One of everything.  One of everything from Halle Joy for me to give all of my friends as gifts!  They would love the handbags and jewelry, and people across the globe would be blessed through the Points of Joy.
  12. A seamstress.  Someone to design and create clothes and pjs that would fit Chloe’s needs. I do my best, but someone who really knows what they’re doing would be such an amazing thing to have at my beck and call.
  13. An ear thingy.  I would need a lesson in how to use it, too, of course.  But it would be hugely helpful to have the thingy that the doc uses to see if my kids have an ear infection.  Chloe has an ear infection that she’s had for a month, and Elliot still gets ear infections, too, believe it or not.  It would be great for me to just take a peek and inform the doctor what I see.  That way, I wouldn’t have to keep taking Chloe in for ear re-checks.  It would improve the quality of my life.
  14. An off switch.  My body and my mind need an off switch.  I love to sleep, but I oftentimes wake in the night and have a hard time falling back asleep.  It would make things so much easier if I could just switch it all off.  In the morning, I could just switch it all on and go about my day.
  15. A storage shed.  I need a shed in the backyard so I can store some of the things that are currently in the garage.  Actually, before getting a storage shed in the backyard, I guess I need a bigger backyard.  Our current yard hardly holds my family of 5 at the same time.
  16. An extra room.  I think everything would fit a little bit better if we had just one more room on the house.  Not sure where to tell you to put it, but surely you could squeeze it somewhere.  Just don’t take any of my closet away to do the extra room.  And, of course, don’t take any of the backyard either, since I already pointed out it’s already a little small.

For fear of dreaming too big, I will stop my list there.  Just a few things I want — a few things off the top of my head.

Again, Santa, I don’t expect you to deliver on any of this.  I don’t even expect you to read this letter since I do know the truth about you.  But I thought it was appropriate for me to list a few things that I’m wishing for this year.  I chose not to include things that seem far-fetched and out-of-reach like world peace, a cure for terrible diseases, full tummies for all, and love for everyone.  Although, each of those things would be such amazing gifts to receive and share.

I sign this letter:

With love from a dreamer and a hoper and go-get-it-herself-er,



10 responses to this post.

  1. For the recurrent ear infections, have you tried removing milk from their diet or have them tested for other food allergies? Milk is the number one culprit in causing food allergies which often cause blockage of the eustachian tube leading to ear infections. Eliminate dairy completely from their diet and see if that doesn’t help clear it up. The Block Center in hurst can test them for other food allergies that may be causing it.


    • Thanks for the input, Laurie! Taking Chloe off dairy would be a nightmare as most of her nutrition comes from Pediasure. But Elliot was very recently tested for allergies and milk was very high up on the list. We are starting a 2 week dairy-free trial next week! I’ll let you know how it goes! Do y’all do dairy free? If so, I would love some input for ideas, etc.


  2. I discovered your blog by searching to see how many others had the same idea to write and post a letter to Santa. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your posts.


  3. I love this letter to Santa, it’s SO true. I want all those same things. ME TOO PLEASE, SANTA!!! – Thanks for the comment on Ainsley’s surgery.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting . . . we can keep hoping, anyway, eh? 🙂 I love keeping up with Ainsley through your blog and have been especially praying since this last surgery. It’s fun to be a part of your “lives” through her blog!! Bless your whole family!


  4. Posted by cindy on December 16, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    i may not be santa but perhaps i can deliver one of the things on your wish list. purchase a “dr. mom” it is an at home ear checker thingy. 🙂 here is the link. it has saved me many a trip to the doctor.

    blessings to you…


    • THank you, Cindy! So it’s pretty easy to use? Will certainly look into that!! Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂


      • Posted by Julie on December 16, 2010 at 5:37 PM

        Kelly, I have one of these too. Yes, it is very easy to use, saved me many trips to the doctor, or just reassured me that the tube was still in. This will make your life a lot easier. There a good directions to help you use it and know what your are looking at.

  5. Posted by cindy on December 16, 2010 at 6:12 PM

    yes. it is pretty easy to read. you will learn eventually and it becomes much easier. it has a handy dandy guide and everything. a friend who is a physicians assistant told me about it. best. tip. ever.


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