Not Me! Monday

Back by popular demand is my Not Me! Monday post where I spill the beans on the embarrassing things I have not been doing all week.  It’s a type of confessional where we folks can freely laugh at ourselves and at each other!

I used to join up with MckMama and lots of other bloggers in Not Me! Monday, where we confessed many things that we absolutely did not do this week!  (Of course we didn’t!)  But I get the feeling that she isn’t do it anymore so today I’m not linking up.

Here are a few things that have not been going on at my house this week:

I did not eat cookies for breakfast yesterday.  No way! Surely I would not begin my day with such a non-nutritious breakfast.  And I especially would not have cookies for breakfast with the excuse that “I need to eat something because I’m getting a migraine” as if Snickerdoodles would help combat a migraine!  Nope!  Not me!

I did not eat cake for breakfast today.  No way! Surely I would not begin my day with such a non-nutritious . . .  wow — this sounds familiar!  I certainly did not have cake for breakfast.

I am not trying to teach Chloe to yell at the dog.  When he grabs something that belongs to her and runs off with it, I do not say, “Yell at that dog, Chloe!”  And when she obediently snaps, “No,” to the dog, I then do not instruct her to “Yell louder!”  No.  I would not teach my sweet, good-natured child to raise her voice at the dog!  Surely not.

I do not have to appear in court on Thursday.  That would be ridiculous.  I do not have to appear in court for forgetting to put up my handicap parking placard.  Surely not. Surely they would just let me show it to the clerk for dismissal just as they do if I have an expired insurance card or something.  No way would they make me show up in court at 1:00 Thursday afternoon like a common criminal.  Surely not.

I am not thrilled upon thrills to be using my electric blanket again this winter.  🙂

I did not have a basketful of clean, unfolded laundry in my living room on Wednesday when a new friend came over for a visit.  And I did not have that same basket-ful of clean, unfolded laundry on Friday when she came back over to visit.  No way! I would never leave laundry lying around for that long.  (I won’t even go into how long before Wednesday it had been sitting there!)

Anything you have not been doing lately?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Fran on December 6, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    I absolutely did not have a basket of CLEAN laundry left from before Thanksgiving that didn’t get folded until Friday afternoon.


  2. Was I the friend? If so, I didn’t even notice the laundry. Also, I ate chocolate cookies for breakfast yesterday and I am not ashamed. 🙂


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