Salado Turkey Trot 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving with Paul’s family in Salado.  This is the same side of the family we went to Hawaii with this summer.  There were 10 kids and 10 adults again for Thanksgiving.  The kids had a great time playing together.  The food was especially yummy.  Chloe hardly came out of our bedroom the whole time — but had a GREAT time playing in there by herself.  It was a wonderful holiday!

One fun memory is the very first ever Salado Turkey Trot 2010.  Paul organized a race for the family.  Nearly everyone participated!  There was a 1 mile walk/run/crawl and a 5k race.  We all had a great time, got awesome new shirts that Paul made, received medals for finishing the race, and are looking forward to the next Turkey Trot!

Here’s Paul’s blog post about the Turkey Trot.  It is from his blog, Lean Forward, Run Farther.

Thanksgiving Day marked the first ever, as far as I know, Salado Turkey Trot.  The attendance was terrific: nearly every member of my family signed up to run!  We had a one mile race and a 5K.  With Dad as honorary race director and official time keeper, we ran around my parents’ neighborhood on a warm, muggy, and a little bit drizzly Thanksgiving morning.

The milers get ready to start, with Mom patrolling in the golf cart.

Drew took first place in the mile run, followed closely by his brother Evan and sister Lindsay.  I guess Mark’s family got the fast genes. . . .  Kelsey got a special prize for finishing the mile while pushing Chloe in her wheelchair almost the entire way.

Kelly and Kelsey and Chloe race to the finish, while Zippy and Drew watch.

The field for the 5K was a little bit smaller.  Mark, David, Drew, Jake, Evan, Zippy, and I started.  Zippy dropped out after about 200 yards, and, inexplicably, got lost coming back home.  (He actually made it back home before anyone realized he was lost. . . .)  Drew dropped out about 1/2 way through; I think his mile win took too much out of him.  Jake dropped, too, when his asthma acted up.

The 5K start.  Notice Zippy running barefoot.  Smart kid.  Also notice Lisa, sitting on the curb, still in her PJs.

Mark and I tied, with a blazing fast time of 25:07 (Mark probably had to hold back to stay with me, since, as my goofy child declared, I am a lot fatter than Mark!)  Evan followed a few minutes later, with David bringing up the rear, declaring that he hadn’t run that far in years!

Dad cheering on his boys to a photo finish.

The promised rain never fully materialized, and the bitterly cold wind didn’t come up until later, so the weather was about perfect for the Trot.  I think everyone had a good time and all will now start training for the Salado Turkey Trot 2011!

(Big thanks to Laura for the photos!)


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Renee on November 28, 2010 at 12:04 AM

    I’m sorry but I must comment on here…Paul should not call out other family members that are not as athletic and would rather be a spectator….I am on Lisa’s side!


    • I tried to talk him out of his PJs comment, but apparently even when you’re in your 40s, you still have to play the little brother role and point out your sister like that! Thanks for commenting, Renee. You made Paul laugh out loud! 😉


  2. Wow — that looks like so much fun! All we did was sit around…


  3. I’m glad that you had a great time!!


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