An Award For Me?? Why, Thanks!

Back in the summer, I received an award from my friend Michelle at SomeGirlsWebsite.  What a great surprise to be awarded with the Outstanding Blogger Award!  Wow, thanks, Michelle!  I’m honored!

The rules of the award are to thank the person who gave it to you, list 7 things about yourself, and pass the award onto 15 other bloggers.  So here goes!

Thanks, again, Michelle, for thinking of me!  I will strive to be an outstanding blogger who is worthy of such an award!  🙂

7 Things about myself:

1.  I love my minivan tons and tons!

2.  I love to eat fast food.  Any will do . . . even McDonald’s.

3.  I don’t watch TV or movies.  (Well, when I’m on vacation, I’ll watch some TLC on the hotel TV!)

4.  I like to go to bed early and get up late.  (But I seldomly get to do either.)

5.  My addiction is lip balm.  I use it countless times a day.  It’s always in my pocket.

6.  Hearing my children sing makes my heart gladder than glad.

7.  I am learning to use a PC.  I’m a Mac girl — always have been. . . .

15 Bloggers I’m passing the Outstanding Blogger Award to:

1.  The Gomes Family Blog — they’re in the process of adopting Joseph!

2.  Instamatic Gratification — cigi is doing a daily photo blog that I love to visit!

3.  Lean Forward Run Farther — I love this guy!!  🙂  I really, really love this guy!

4.  Today is Where Your Book Begins — a good friend’s blog.  Wish she’d blog more often, but when she does it’s outstanding!

5.  Church4EveryChild — a great and helpful blog about inclusion in the church setting!  An interesting read!

6.  Highly Uninteresting Adventures of Average Girl — here’s an entertaining one I stumbled across!

7. Seeds of Faith Women — Christian encouragement!

8.  (in)courage — more Christian encouragement for women!

9.  *** aspiring to inspire — a great blog . . . but Cindi is missing in action . . . Where are you, Cindi?

10.  Hopeful Parents — a great blog for parents with special children — I’ve only recently found this great blog!

11.  Gulf Coast Simpleton — my brother-in-law’s entertaining, usually political blog.  🙂

12.  Just Wait and See — again, Ellen doesn’t post often, but when she does she usually says something powerful that I can relate to

13.  The Henry Family, since 1997 — a bloggy friend who can relate to much of my world

14.  Bloom — another great blog for special needs families

15.  Ainsley Rae — a blog that I love from a mom of a precious girl with some special needs; again, I can relate in some ways!  🙂

And many, many more!  These are just the first 15 I thought of. . . .

But the truth is, we’re all winners!  😉



2 responses to this post.

  1. I nominate you for favorite Mom at the Northeast award. You would win, hands down! We love you!!


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