Not Me! Monday

Back by popular demand is my Not Me! Monday post where I spill the beans on the embarrassing things I have not been doing all week.  It’s a type of confessional where we folks can freely laugh at ourselves and at each other!

I used to join up with MckMama and lots of other bloggers in Not Me! Monday, where we confessed many things that we absolutely did not do this week!  (Of course we didn’t!)  But I get the feeling that she isn’t do it anymore so today I’m not linking up.

Here are a few things that have not been going on at my house this week:

I did not hear the words,”Mom, Coco pooped on my pillow!!”  or the words, “Mom, Coco peed on me!”  Nope.  Our little hoodlum puppy is much farther along than experiences like that would prove.  And I certainly did not say to Paul shortly after one of those episodes that if the dog ever poops on my pillow, he can be sure that the dog will be gone before anyone can count to 5.  I’m just sayin’.

I did not tell a big ol lie to my daughter out of complete desperation.  No way.  Not me! I always believe that honesty is the best policy and would never lie to one of my children.  Nope.  So I did not assure her that a little plastic coin purse that I hung on the end of her bed would make a very loud noise if she got out of her bed one more time.  “Do you want this to make a very loud, scary noise?  No?  Then you’d better stay in your bed!”  Nope.  I did not do that!  And surely I did not brag the next day that my little plan had worked . . . because that would’ve meant jinxing it for the next night.  Ahem.

I did not wash and dry one of my new shirts that I bought for work, and it is now not too small for even Chloe to wear!  Not me! I’m a much more careful launderer than that!

I did not dole out a punishment to my out-of-control son only to hear him cheer, “Yes!!”  That would mean I did not think through the punishment very well . . .  that’s a whole ‘nother story for another day!  🙂

I have not suddenly become a Texas Rangers fan simply because they are in the World Series.  And I did not for the first time in my life sit down and watch an entire baseball game on TV this week.  Nope.  Not me! I’ve always been a great Rangers fan!  GO RANGERS!!

And, lastly, (and don’t leave me out here alone on this one because I KNOW you did this, too!!!) I did not put my kids to bed last night, double check that they were all asleep, and then raid their Halloween candy stash.  No way!! I would never do that to my children!  And I would never eat as much candy as I’m sort of admitting to have eaten. Nope.  Not me!

You?  What have you not been doing lately?


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