Holiday Shopping?

A Christmas tree inside a home.

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Guess what?  Are you sitting down?  Christmas is only 8 weeks from today.  8 WEEKS FROM TODAY!  Can you believe it??  I can’t at all believe it.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  Yeah, me either.

Do you have your list yet?  Hmmm, me either.

Have you at least started your list?  Yeah, me either.

Have you at least thought about making your list?  No?  Slacker.  I have at least thought about my list.

Well, I want to encourage you — friend to friend — to start thinking about it today!  Go ahead and get started!  Make your list!  Check it twice and twenty times!  And start shopping!

And remember, I can help you take care of every woman on your list!  Your mom, your wife, your girlfriend, your boss, your sister, your daughter, your daughter-in-law, your granddaughter, your BFF.

I told you all about Halle Joy a bit ago.  We are in the full swing of holiday shopping at Halle Joy.  You can visit and see all the selections of handbags and jewelry.  You can even purchase online and choose me as your consultant!  Just ask me how!

Halle Joy seriously has something for every woman you need to buy for this year.  If you need a suggestion, then just leave me a comment and ask me.

And remember that a portion of every purchase goes to support great causes across the globe!  And you could choose the cause you think she would love to help support:  orphans, food, water, disaster relief, or medical needs.

If you need to buy for lots of women and would like to get some Halle Joy products for FREE, then maybe you need to have a Halle Joy Trunk Show and introduce your friends to Halle Joy — Halle Joy has a very generous hostess plan that could help you get lots of stuff for FREE! Again, just leave me a comment.  🙂

I’m having a ball with my Halle Joy — the products, the shows, the parties, the people, the job.  Loving it!

So, the countdown has begun. . . .

8 weeks.  That’s 56 days.

Let’s get going!


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2 responses to this post.

  1. I have already made great progress on my shopping! I tend to shop all year long, looking for good deals to put away for Christmas. It is so much easier that way than waiting until a month or two before Christmas. When you say there are only 8 weeks, I feel a little panic coming on!

    I’ll go check out Halle Joy!


    • Wow. Way to go, Debbi! I did that one year and it was so wonderful! But I haven’t succeeded in doing it since! I can still hope. . . .


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