Yesterday I battled a headache all day.  It wasn’t a terrible headache the whole day, but it got progressively worse throughout the day.  I took as much Excedrin as I could during the day, but the medication didn’t seem to help at all.  By the afternoon, I was miserable with a full-blown migraine and a sore throat.  I was completely out of commission when it came to feeding the kids and doing homework since when I stood up I would have incredible waves of nausea.

Feeling sorry for me yet?  😉

No, I don’t tell this so that I can get sympathy.  I tell it only because I kept thinking yesterday through my headache about Chloe.  What does Chloe do when she has a headache?  She doesn’t tell me it hurts.  She doesn’t tell me she feels sick.  What does she do?

Maybe that’s why she has days when she is weepy all day.  Maybe she has a headache on those days when she lays in her bedroom floor, hardly moving from that one spot.  I don’t know.

How does she behave at school when she has a headache?  She doesn’t tell them that she has an ouch.  Maybe those are the days when she hardly lifts her head off of her desk.  Maybe those are the days when she “acts out” in strange ways.

I know I’ve said it before, but having a nonverbal child is very tricky.  It’s tricky for the ones trying to care for her.

But I was reminded again yesterday how incredibly frustrating it must be for her.  She knows she feels yucky, but she doesn’t know what to do about it.  She can’t pinpoint exactly why she feels that way.  And she doesn’t know what to do to tell me or to tell her teachers that she wants nothing more than to lay down somewhere dark and quiet and be left alone.

That’s what I wanted yesterday.  I was able to communicate my headache to everyone, but I was still miserable.  I can’t imagine if no one even knew I was so miserable.  Everyone would keep talking to me.  Everyone would keep touching me and telling me to sit up.


I pray that God would give me insight into my daughter’s heart and into her emotions.  I pray that her teachers and other caregivers would be sensitive to her needs and to her feelings.  I pray that God would help us know when she doesn’t feel well and help us know exactly what she needs from us on those days.  And I pray that soon Chloe would be better at communicating those things.

Did you know that God really can help me understand Chloe better?  Did you know that God really can give her teachers knowledge and insight even when Chloe can’t communicate?  He can.  And I pray that He does.  I pray that He does everyday!

[photo courtesy of Brand X Pictures]


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