Report Cards

Report cards came home today.  

One child didn’t even notice.  But she had passing grades on everything.

One child was thrilled with his all As except for one 89.  He felt a new energy to study for social studies more.  Yes, this is a child who has never had to study for a test.  He hears it one time and he remembers it like crazy.  I think maybe Pre-AP classes will force him to study now and then.  It should be good for him — especially to learn it now instead of waiting til he gets to college.  Another reason why his social studies grade was lower is because this six weeks they studied world religions.  He came home on several days and was quite disturbed and sad about the conversations.  It is a weird and disheartening thing to learn about other groups of people who are positive that your group of people is going to Hell. . .   I mean, seriously.  I just prayed that all the talk about religions would not confuse or worry him.  I encouraged him to talk with me about it everyday so we could think through it and pray about anything that had weirded him out.  Elliot was offended that they were even having to learn all of that at school.  But now that six weeks is over, and we can move on.

One child was in tears over his 3 Cs (one barely a C at 71) because he’s “never done this terrible!”  That same one was also very upset that he got a 95 in PE instead of his usual 100.  “My asthma reflected my grade in PE!” he sobbed over and over.  He has obviously heard teachers say things like, “Your grade will reflect . . . .”  His misuse of the word was cracking me up, but he was pretty pitiful and heartbroken.  I pointed out later that all 3 kids had received 95 in PE and suggested that perhaps the PE teacher changed her policy about giving 100s.  But he cried and complained off and on for a couple of hours, disappointed in his grades.  I assured him that I was very proud of him and that all I’ve ever asked of him is for him to do his best.  “Is 71 your best?  Then be proud of that.  And I’m proud of that, too!”

We do NOT emphasize grades or report cards at this house.  We can’t.  When I have a child who doesn’t have to try and makes 100s on everything and another child who works his tail off and barely passes, I can’t put much emphasis on grades.  I do secretly brag on Elliot for his great grades.  I’m so proud of him and of his accomplishments, and he knows it.  But he definitely also knows that school is just easy for some people.  He sees his brother struggle, and he “gets it.”

I’m glad I didn’t get a report card on my work over the last six weeks.  I think I would have failed most of my “classes.”  Housework:  60.   Cooking:  55.    Managing Time:  40.     Completing Tasks:   50.     Exercising:  40.

I remember report card day as a kid.  I think I was always pleased and proud of my grades.  School was easy for me.  But I remember dreading my conduct marks.  It seems my teachers really let out their feelings and their emotions on my report card each six weeks.  They would emphasize with bold letters and underlines what a terrible talker I was.  “Talks too much” was always checked — every six weeks.  In fact, I remember one report card where the teacher put 3 or 4 check marks in that one little box!  Rude!  Now there was a teacher with some emotions.  Didn’t the teachers ever have something new to say?  Ever?  Always the same old thing.  The same old thing that made me cringe and made my mom displeased.  I don’t remember ever really getting in trouble for all of those comments.  Mom will have to fill in the details for me.

How about you?  Any report card woes, brags, or memories?



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  1. Posted by Mimi on October 10, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    Sorry,I don’t remember any of the details either. I’m sure that I just said something like—- “Oh, that’s ok Sweetie. Just try not to talk so much. And why don’t you not take your brother’s little hammer to school any more?….and not go around the classroom bonking all the little boys on the head with it,while your teacher is out of the room??!!!” I’m sure it was something like that.


    • Now, Mom, there you go bringing something up that will now need to be addressed and explained. . . . ugh. Ok, so I wasn’t the perfectly behaved little girl every day at school. . . .


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