Thumbs Up!

I wrote the post from earlier today (School Tales Told Gently) a couple of days ago.  It was my attempt at giving the general progression of events while I wasn’t blogging about it.  Hopefully it included enough detail without boring you or giving you more questions than answers. . . .

I thought I would give a quick update of this week at school.

Chloe has had a good week at school.  According to her teacher’s daily notes Chloe is doing more work in class, participating more in class, and interacting more with her peers.  No mention of tears or throwing herself in the floor or of any acting out.  Sounds like she is happier and more successful already!

Yay!  So very glad!


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  1. Posted by Julie Bonewell on October 2, 2010 at 6:20 AM

    So glad things are going better. Its never good when we adults have to learn at the expense of a child. You, Paul and Chloe are paving the way for the next child that needs similar services – although this long after inclusion started, you wouldn’t think that would be necessary. It sounds like your school district has great resources to support you and the school. Give her a hug for me!


    • Thanks, Julie. Unfortunately inclusion is still a mystery and a rarity! I have thought many times through this about our making it easier for students who come after us. I hope so! It’s been a tough couple of weeks for all involved, but I think we are all headed in the right direction.


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