Dinner with a Purpose

Mark Your Calendar  Monday September, 27  Donate Profits Day!    On Monday, Sept. 27, 100% of Chili's Profits* go to St. Jude  Children's Research Hospital®.

This Monday, September 27, Chili’s restaurants all over the country are donating their profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  What a great way to support St. Jude’s, a hospital well known for its cancer care.  While we, of course, all pray it’s never a place that we have to visit, there are many, many families who do have to visit.  And we can help support the care and research for these kids with cancer.  Visit St. Jude’s website to learn more about the great things they do for children.  And then, go get a burger at Chili’s.  BTW, it doesn’t have to be dinner — Chili’s is donating their profits ALL DAY!!

All we're asking is that you show up, eat, and have a great time.  Oh, and forward this email to 50,000 of your closest friends.    *At Participating Chili's Restaurants in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.    To Invite a Friend Click the Pepper!: http://www.createapepper.com/BigDay.aspx  Chili's® St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ALSAC * Denny Thomas, Founder


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