I’m a Ficus, too, Michelle!

Do you ever click on the blogs listed to the right of my blog?  Those are some blogs that I enjoy visiting and reading, and if you ever have some spare time, I think you’d enjoy them ,too.

Well, one of those blogs is SomeGirlsWebsite.  Michelle’s blog is funny, entertaining, inspiring, and encouraging.  And today, I must re-post something from her blog.  You see, while she describes herself using the analogy of a ficus tree, she is totally and completely describing me today — right now — this week!  So, Michelle, hoping it’s with your blessing, here’s the quote from your blog post this week:

I am a lot like a ficus tree. Have you ever had one? One little move, one little change in lighting or watering and it’s leaves all start to shed. I don’t handle change very well. I wish I was more like a household ivy… you can move it anywhere you want in the house, change the lighting, water or not water and when it’s not getting enough it will droop a little to tell you it’s thirsty. Oh, to be like a household ivy! (my ficus leaves have been dropping like crazy this past week)

With all the struggles, work, trials, and setbacks of parenting a special-needs child, it behooves me to be a household ivy — strong, resilient, unneedy, low maintenance, durable, quick-recovering!  But now and then, this household ivy of a mom drops her ivy persona and is surprised to find that somewhere deep inside is a ficus heart that is sensitive and can’t take the stress.

I’ve certainly been losing lots of leaves lately!  Oh, to be like a household ivy, indeed!


9 responses to this post.

  1. From one ficus heart to another, I LOVE that you shared this… I pray your leaves will stop dropping and start growing back soon! It just takes time to adjust, right? 🙂 And aren’t ficus trees BEAUTIFUL when they’re in a stable place? 😉 Love you!


  2. You were awesome today!!! You were very poised, strong, and confident. At least you appeared that way on the outside:-) I’m so happy you’re making progress!


    • Thanks, Jennifer! And thanks so much for supporting me in it! You spoke up at all the right times and were a big help to me in many ways. Thank you, friend!!


  3. My heart cries for you in this current struggle Kelly. I continue to pray that God will lift you with His strength as only He can. Lean on Him and find comfort in His everlasting love. Remember Jeremiah 29:11.


  4. I kind of feel like I overstepped my bounds sometimes. PLEASE let me know if I do! I don’t want to put you in an awkward position or put words in your mouth!


    • You NEVER did. You never brought up something or questioned something that we hadn’t already talked about. And as much as we’ve talked, you know my heart so even if it’s not something we talked about, then it’s probably appropriate “given” your knowledge and understanding of me! (I had to throw “given” in there for our humor!!)


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