To Honor a Friend

I must introduce you to a wonderful new website: The website just launched TODAY!!

To Honor Them is a great new place to honor people you love or people who have meant something to you.  A place to write a “Thank You!”  or an “I Love You!”   What a great opportunity for us to quickly write up a little something that will express in a small way what someone means to us.

A teacher, a friend, a doctor, a soldier, your neighbor, your parents, your boss, your son, or your husband.  There are certainly people that made a difference in our lives.  Now we can tell them in a unique way!

The honors are stored there on the website for your friends to see.  When you write up an honor, you can have an email sent to the person letting them know they’ve been honored.  And you can send the link to several friends, too!  Awesome!

I just typed one up for a dear friend of mine.  Her birthday was last Monday, but I never called her.  I thought of her a million and one times but never grabbed the phone to call her.  I thought honoring her on would make up for it a little bit and would remind her that I love her tons!  🙂

It was so easy to do.  And I even got to upload a photo.  It was fun, and I’m hoping that it blesses Daile.

Visit and check out what I wrote for my friend, Daile.

And then write your own to someone you love.  Leave me a comment with the link if you honor someone — I would love to read it!

As the website says, “Honor must be shared.”

Love it!


2 responses to this post.

  1. It’s also fun just to go to and read some of the honors there. Great fun!


  2. Posted by Brian H. on September 15, 2010 at 10:52 PM

    Thanks so much Kelly, what a great friend!


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