Kicking Away . . .

I’m still here.  Just trying to survive the first week of school.  I will update more later, but the quick update follows:

  • All 3 of my kids are at the same school this year!  I love the feeling!
  • Elliot is not excited about the amount of homework he’s had this week.  6th grade — Pre-AP 6th grade — is a rude awakening.  But I’m assuring him that he will get in his groove and the homework will just be part of his routine.  The big question for today is:  Will Pre-AP 6th grade mean homework on the weekends??
  • Chloe has come home happy everyday this week.  She’s only fallen asleep one day this week before bedtime.  But she has sure been ready for bed when it’s time.  I will talk to her aide soon and request a short note about her day each day.  I’ve got to have a question or two to help with my conversations with Chloe about her day.
  • Zachary has been TIRED this week.  He has thrown a couple of fits during the week just out of his exhaustion.  The two memorable fits:  1.  He broke a chair at dinner because he didn’t appreciate the roast I had cooked.   2.  He was very disappointed that we had to miss the school’s Cici’s Pizza night.  Of course, they were both food related.  Ugh.  Poor starving kid.
  • I have begun the huge daunting task of getting my house back in order.  I’ve cleaned the entry, the TV room, the living room, one bathroom, and most of the kitchen.  Just a dent in the damage done all summer long.
  • We had 3 parent meetings this week — 2 at the exact same time.  Ugh.
  • Elliot started soccer this week.  Two times a week practices with games on Saturdays.  He missed both practices this week because of meetings and homework.  Jeez.
  • Elliot promoted up to the youth group at church and attended his first youth event on Wednesday:  a Super Hero Skate Party.  They dressed as a super hero and went skating.  He had a ball.  But I haven’t seen my towel-turned-cape since Wednesday.
  • Chloe promoted up into the big kids church on Sunday.  She did a surprisingly good job.  The boys are thrilled to have her there.
  • I volunteered up at the school for 1/2 the day on Monday.
  • Chloe’s been riding the bus to and from school this week.  She takes her wheelchair on the bus, and we leave her walker at school for her to use.  We will be deciding if this is the permanent plan or not.  Elliot really wants to be in charge of getting her from her teacher after school and bringing her across the street to the car.  Sweet boy.

And that’s it for now — the quick thoughts off the top of my head.

I hope your first week of school has been a smooth one.  I would love to hear about it.


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  1. Just a thought about getting info about Chloe’s day… Could you draft up some kind of form about the highlights of the day that are important to you, and have the teacher or para fill it out accordingly? Then put a section for them to write whatever they feel as well. You can make it so they just need to jot down a few things, not a huge paragraph, so it doesn’t come across to them as a “burden”.


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