School Days!

The kids started school today.  Unbelievable that another summer has gone by.  I always mourn the beginning of a new school year — I just LOVE to have my kids at home.  Summer means no responsibility — it means being a kid day and night.  I LOVE SUMMER!!

I decided this weekend that it was important for me to stop saying that I wasn’t ready for school to start.  Instead, I needed to look at it as a new beginning and work on getting excited about it.

While I wasn’t very excited about school starting today, it wasn’t as difficult a reality as it might have been.

The report from the kids?

Zippy came nearly running to the car after school, eager to tell me something.  Apparently two sixth grade girls made fun of Chloe.  He was fuming mad!  He was nearly in tears and just kept saying how badly he wanted to punch those girls and give them two black eyes.  “I can’t believe someone would make fun of Chloe!!”

The only other report from Zippy was that he nearly got a number today.  (They get a number for disobeying and not following instructions.  It would be a huge ol bummer to get a number on the first day of school!)  “What happened?” I wanted to know.  He explained that he was talking in the hallway when he wasn’t supposed to.  He continued, “I’m a top locker person this year.  I used to not be able to reach the top lockers, but now I can!  So I was talking about it and got in trouble.”  That made me smile so big to picture that whole scene taking place.  I know he was thrilled that he had grown enough to be able to have a top locker!  Cute!

Elliot’s report:  he took a test in reading over the book they had to read this year.  It apparently was a really tough test, and everyone thinks they failed it.  He also has homework in two classes tonight.  Welcome to Pre-AP classes, huh?!  The only other thing he had to say was that there was no recess today.  Instead, they had a meeting in the gym.  That meant that the ONLY time he could ever even talk to another person was at lunch.  A little pitiful, I think.

I don’t have much of a report from Chloe.  The bummer with a non-verbal child is that you depend on someone else to write a report about how her day was.  Today there was not one word.  Nothing written anywhere that I could find in her backpack.  Chloe’s first day at a new school, with a new teacher, with all new kids (at least 2 of whom made fun of her according to Zach), and not one word.  Bummer.  I know the teachers were probably very busy today, but it is frustrating not to even know what conversations to have Chloe.  I asked her if she liked or not-liked school, and she said like.  That’s good.  And she’s still in the same clothes that she left home in so that means there were some successful diaper changes today (if they were unsuccessful, Chloe would’ve tinkled on her clothes and required a change).  There’s no spilled food on her clothes so I’m guessing she probably didn’t eat anything at lunch.  But that’s all I have to go on.  <sigh>

So there you go.  We are officially back in school.  Back to the old routine.  Wow.


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  1. Posted by Paul Mastin on August 23, 2010 at 8:13 PM

    Chloe had been playing on the floor and messed up a pile of notecards. I asked her to pick it up, and when I came back and saw that she hadn’t, started to ask her again, but noticed that she was out cold. This was shortly before 7. I guess school wore the baby out.


  2. The first day wasn’t as bad as I anticipated either. I, too, was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any “conversational” information in Wade’s binder either. She’s at a new school this year? What school do the kiddos go to?


    • Hi, Jennifer. I sent you an email in response to your questions. Wouldn’t it be nice to get even a sentence or two of communication about their day?? I will certainly be requesting it really soon. The teachers Chloe had in the past were special ed teachers who are used to working with kids like Chloe so they knew to write something. It was silly of me to expect these new teachers / aide to know to write something. My bad. 😉


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