Andros, as the Red Space Ranger

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There are dangers of running out of the medication that helps a very impulsive child make wiser choices.  Unmedicated, his impulses run free and unchecked.

I witnessed it happen today in my living room.

Zippy sat, watching a Power Rangers movie.  He apparently was taken and impressed with the Power Rangers’ moves.  Finally, the excitement was too much for him.  He jumped up, ran full force into the living room — completely engrossed in himself as the red Power Ranger.  As he ran, he threw himself into an awesome defensive move — a front flip!

“Yes!” he exclaimed as he threw his body quickly up and around in a flip.

But he’s no Power Ranger.  He landed full-force on his hiney on the floor.


“Ouch!” he cried out a few times as he writhed on the floor in pain.  (Mind you, he did not cry tears since part of his unmedicated self includes not completely processing pain.)

As he mumbled and moaned in the floor, he told me of his attempted flip and his efforts to be a Power Ranger.

All I could do was shake my head.  Amazing.  Too bad I had missed it.  I’m sure it would have been hilarious to see.

A few minutes later at lunch, Zippy told Elliot and a friend about his accident.  “I was a Power Ranger and did a front flip, but I landed on my butt,” he explained.

The friend quickly replied, “If you were really a Power Ranger you wouldn’t have landed on your butt.”

Again, ouch!

“True,” Zach replied.  And you could see the planning going on behind his eyes. . . he was thinking how to be sure to land on his feet the next time. . . . the next time.

Hmmm.  I guess I should run up to CVS and get his prescription before he tries another brave move.


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