Halle Joy

I’ve mentioned “my new business” a few times on this blog.  A few of you have asked about it, but I couldn’t really share with you yet what I was up to.

Well, it’s time to talk!

Halle Joy is a brand new company, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  The company launched this past month and is off to a running start.

Halle Joy is a Christian company committed to impacting the world through its Points of Joy!  Halle Joy donates a portion of every purchase to great causes across the globe!  The customer chooses which Point of Joy their purchase goes to support!  So the customer isn’t just getting a great bag or a beautiful necklace, she gets to take part in changing the world.  Points of Joy include: water, food, medical needs, disaster relief, and orphans.

Halle Joy creates beautiful handbags and jewelry that tell a beautiful story.  Each piece is scripturally inspired!

The current collections include:  Eden, inspired by the Garden of Eden in Genesis.  Grace, because we all need God’s grace .  Noah, inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark in Genesis.  Peace, inspired by the books of Isaiah and Revelation which mention the ultimate time of peace.  Virtue, inspired by Galatians 5 which lists the Fruits of the Spirit.  Hope, inspired by the cross – our ultimate hope!  Journey, inspired by the Great Commission which tells us to “go into all the world. . . ”

What fun to create beautiful products that tell of God’s love!

Halle Joy creates quality products with quality materials.  Each piece is unique and carefully crafted.  Each piece is covered by a guarantee against any manufacturer defects.

The products are custom designed at Halle Joy.  The process includes:  choosing a scripture or passage of scripture, creating a fabric which portrays that scripture, designing bags with the fabric, creating unique pieces of jewelry which tell the story of the scripture, and working with the factories to make a high-quality, beautiful, detailed product.

Each step of the process is focused on scripture and on impacting the world!  When customers wear the jewelry or carry the bag, they have the opportunity to spread the story that it tells.  It’s so exciting!

So my job at Halle Joy is not just a job selling great products, but it is a job that impacts the world as Halle Joy’s mission is to spread love and joy across the globe!  I am thrilled to be a part of it!

I will be doing Halle Joy Trunk Shows.  I will have the privilege of going into people’s homes and telling their friends about Halle Joy, the Points of Joy, and the scripture that inspired it.  And the hostess of each Trunk Show has the opportunity of choosing which Point of Joy her show will support!  It’s so exciting to picture a group of ladies gathering together to shop for some great quality, unique products and also to send a chunk of money to support missions around the world.  Wow!  It really gets me excited!

Please check out the website:  www. hallejoy.com and read more about the company.  You can see all the current products and read more about the Points of Joy.  Please let me know what you think!

You can even purchase right from the website — it’s very easy.  When you’re checking out, you can choose my name (Kelly Mastin) as your consultant, and you can choose which Point of Joy you want your purchase to support!  Let me know if you order something — I’d love to know what you choose.  🙂  I’ll tell you some of my favorites soon. . . .

Soon I will have a button on my blog that you can click on to go directly to the website.  And I’ll let you know as we add new products to the line.  There are some great products coming for fall!

When you think about it, I’d love your prayers for Halle Joy.  I am praying that God will bless me in the business but also that He will greatly bless the company, as I really believe it is a company that pleases God and helps spread the story of His word.


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Love it!


11 responses to this post.

  1. That sounds wonderful Kelly…
    I will pray for you and your Halle Joy endeavor!
    Next stop hallejoy.com! 😉


  2. beautiful things… hhhmmmm I’m thinking Christmas.


    • Wonderful, isn’t it? Yes, I could do a lot of my Christmas shopping at hallejoy.com! I think we could find something for everyone there. And there are some new bags (leather!) and 20 pieces of new jewelry coming in late fall — just in time for Christmas! Fun, fun!


  3. Beautiful things, and what a beautiful concept! Definitely bookmarking.


    • Thanks, Jennifer! Let me know if you are interested in doing a show. Halle Joy has a generous hostess plan — you could get beautiful things for free!! 🙂


  4. Posted by Daile on August 21, 2010 at 4:44 PM

    How exciting to see Halle Joy! God bless you in this endeavor, Kelly. There are beautiful pieces in the collections, and I’m excited to see what comes in the fall!


    • Thanks, Daile! Love you much! I was SO wishing Zippy and I would make it out to see you over the summer. But it obviously didn’t happen . . . . maybe sometime.


  5. […] told you all about Halle Joy a bit ago.  We are in the full swing of holiday shopping at Halle Joy.  You can visit […]


  6. Anyone can feel free to contact me if you are interested in being a part of my team! Halle Joy is a great company to work with. It’s a job that really matters! And the founders of the company truly care about people! Just leave me a comment to request information (I won’t publish your comment unless you want me to.).


  7. Also, check out my Halle Joy blog at http://www.joyinstyle.com


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