Chloe at the beach

We didn’t spend a lot of time at the beach while we were in Hawaii.

While I pretend to like the beach when I’m there with my children, the truth is I hate the beach.  I can’t stand the sand, the sun, or the salt.  I don’t even like the waves.

I was looking forward to Hawaiian beaches since I thought they would at least be cleaner and clearer than the Texas beaches I’m used to.  But the beach we sat on for an hour or so was a black sand beach so when the waves came in, it made the blue water look like mud.  I was disappointed and was ready to go back to the calm and beautiful pool pretty quickly.  That’s just me. . . .  And Paul said had I gone out a few feet into the water that the water is very clear, but Chloe doesn’t like to go out in the water.  She likes to sit so that the waves come up and engulf her while she sits waiting on them.  This time she tired of the waves since they were coming in so strongly.  But she did enjoy her time there for a bit.

(The rest of the family saw amazingly beautiful beaches and water and lush green rain-foresty scenery on the Road to Hana so I know those crystal clear beaches were there.  I just didn’t see them.  And again, it’s just me.  🙂  )


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  1. Posted by Paul on August 3, 2010 at 9:50 AM

    You really don’t do the beach justice. If you would have actually GOTTEN IN THE WATER you would have seen how nice the water is. Just a short swim off the beach, there was coral and a ton of fish, and I could clearly see the bottom, up to, I would guess, 40 feet or more. If the pictures from the cheap underwater camera come out, we can post them to give the rest of the story!
    Is it cruel of me to get a kick out of how those waves tumbled her around? It was pretty funny, and she seemed to love it.
    Oh, and I should have take a picture of Chloe’s diaper later. Imagine approximately 2 cups of sand, mixed w/ poopy, in her little diaper. It was lovely.


    • Posted by Tia on August 3, 2010 at 4:51 PM

      I have to admit, Paul, the first wave that hit Chloe made me gasp in surprise and I couldn’t believe how calmly Kelly reacted to it, finally pulling Chloe back a bit. That might be why that second wave that completely got her in the face made me chuckle a little bit. Maybe it was because Chloe obviously was more interested in digging into that mud than being worried about the waves. Cute video.


      • Paul said that there were a couple of waves (that I missed since I had to run up to the room for more cash) that washed over her, knocked her on her back, and would have carried off into the ocean if he or Aunt Laura hadn’t grabbed her! Crazy! And what’s crazier is that she enjoyed it for a while!

    • Yes, she did enjoy the waves for a while! 🙂 And I do wish I had experienced the clear blue water . . . maybe next time?


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