The Air Bag

Don’t you know it makes a mechanic’s day to get a call or visit from a dork-o lady who doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about?!

I must say I love my mechanic.  Paul and I have taken our cars to him for years.  We have 2 old cars with many, many miles on both.  But because of Duane and his good, honest service, we are still rolling along happily — me in my minivan that I LOVE, and Paul in his convertible that brings him joy!

But this morning my “Air Bag” light started coming on every time I turned in my van.  I was quite alarmed, fearing that the bag would POP out at me at any moment.  I was taken a bit by the happy little ding! my car made each time it flashed the Air Bag warning, nearly stopping my heart each time.  I was having a hard time keeping my van on the road as I tried to drive while staying as far away as possible from my steering wheel to dodge the big o pop of the air bag.

Will it happen this morning?  Will it wait til I’m out this afternoon?  Will this continue for days before the thing finally decides to POP out at me?  I had no idea.

But Duane would know.  So I called him up — which was especially hard to do while trying to keep my car on the road, dodge the steering wheel and the air bag, and dial a phone number, and then have a pleasant phone conversation with Duane.  Thankfully when he answered the phone, I was stopped at a red light so things were a little simpler.  I was for some reason confident that the air bag would not POP out at me while stopped at a red light.

After telling him who I was, I started into my question, ” . . . every time I turn this morning, the. . . . . ummmm. . . . . the uh . . .  . ,” my mind was a blank.  I couldn’t think of “air bag.”  Sheesh.  I tried to continue, ” . . . ummmm, well, the uh . . .  . .  Oh, shoot!  The deal that pops out at you when you have a wreck. . . . ”

Yes, I had said it.  I literally resorted to describing the thing as “the deal that pops out at you when you have a wreck.”

He handled it quite nicely surprisingly.  “You mean the air bag?”

“Yes,” I answered, trying to sound calm, collected, and not altogether stupid.  “Yes.  The “Air Bag” light keeps coming on when I turn.  Is this something that needs immediate attention or can it wait a day or two?”

He told me it could wait.

“So it’s not going to pop out at me unexpectedly?”  I wondered.

“No, it won’t deploy,” he replied.

I had done it again.  Instead of the grown-up, seemingly educated word of ‘deploy’ I had said “pop out at me.”  Lovely.

How he kept a straight, kind face and attitude I’ll never know.  Bless his heart.

Well, bless my heart, actually.

I got off the phone as quickly as possible and continued driving.  Only now I could drive more comfortably knowing that the thing that pops out at you when you have a wreck was not going to pop out at me unexpectedly.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mom on July 13, 2010 at 4:31 PM

    OH,my! It’s catching…’s mutual… it’s contagious…IT’S HEREDITARY!!!!!!


  2. Ha! This made my morning! Too funny.


  3. Posted by Jamie on July 14, 2010 at 9:06 AM

    WOW…that’s hysterical!!


  4. LOL… this is Me SO many days… I think it’s a girl thing!? and I agree with your Mom because both of my girls have it too! what can I say? BTW it’s just an observation not a criticism… I’ve never heard of a guy being this way .. or maybe they just don’t ‘tell’ on themselves!


    • Unfortunately, I think it’s very much a girl thing! I’m not sure if my mechanic just rolls his eyes and shakes his head or if he cracks up laughing and tells all his buddies!


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