First Camp

This week I sent 3 boys to camp for the first time.  Yes, Paul went, too.  He, of course, has been to camp plenty of times in his life, but this is his first time as a camp counselor.  So my 3 boys went off to camp for the first time.

Exciting?  Fun?  Awesome?  Life-changing?

I sure hope so!  I’m praying for all kinds of wonderful things to happen at camp.  I hope they see miracles; I hope their hearts and lives are changed; I hope God really shows up and makes a big o impression.

I remember loving camp as a kid.  I don’t remember getting homesick, but I may have.  I probably didn’t, actually, because I think my mom always went to camp with me.  I remember camp being HOT but fun.  I have good memories of church camp as a kid.  And I usually encountered God at a new level at camp.

Knowing my boys would have a ball, and hoping that they would really experience God, we sent them to camp.

Camp is 10 hours away from home!  Wow!  That’s far!

I hear Elliot is having a great time.  He got to go swimming today.

Zippy, on the other hand, called me today and wants to come home.  Poor kid.  The first day he had a nose bleed right in the middle of the big recreation time — it ended the fun for him, and he sat out with Paul for the rest of the game.  He is totally miserable during the evening worship time — the praise and worship is WAY too loud for my little sensory kid.  He cried at bedtime — missing Mama.  Poor kid.

Paul has been surprised and a little frustrated with some of the logistics-type stuff.  The camp is run by a bunch of college kids who lack some organizational skills that some wish they had.  🙂  They are sleeping on the floor in very cramped quarters, and, well, he’s just not as young as he used to be.  🙂  For about 100 boys and counselors, there are 2 sinks, 2 urinals, and 2 toilets.  Wow.  And they can only take 3 minute showers in their swimsuits.  Oh me.  🙂

When I was reporting to my mom today, she felt sorry for Zippy but wasn’t surprised that he misses Mama.  She felt sorry for Paul, too, and suggested we really pray for him.  🙂

But then she reported that that is really just how camp is.  She recalls many years going to camp with my brothers and me and being miserable for one reason or another.  She remembers lots of times sleeping on the floor of different church gyms.  She remembers being glad she went to camp but being so thrilled when it was over.  She even rode on un-air conditioned ancient buses and thinks maybe one time she had to sleep on a bathroom floor!  🙂  Oh me.

Is anyone laughing or crying or nodding your head because you can relate?  Is this a familiar camp memory for more than one parent?  I have not yet accompanied my kids to camp.  But I have a feeling that camp may end up being one of my jobs from now on.  🙂

Exciting?  Fun?  Awesome?  Life-changing?

Yes.  Believe it or not, God is bigger than logistics and facilities and un-air conditioned vans.  And He can work miracles even when it’s 105% degrees in the shade.  And he can change lives even if the music is too loud.

I’ll keep praying that miracles happen this week.  And I think they will.


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  1. Posted by Fran on July 9, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    I talked to my guys last night. David is having a ball and couldn’t wait to tell me about praying for the sick. Jonathan is really enjoying the teaching and prayer times and thinks our kids are getting to experience God in a new way. He, too, though is frustrated by what he sees as the poor planning and logistics issues. I’m praying the memories they make and the experiences they have with God will outweigh the frustrations…


    • Yes! Thanks, Fran! Your 2 and my 3 will come home with stories for sure! 🙂


    • Today’s report from camp: Zippy hasn’t asked to come home since last night. Elliot wishes he could eat salad 3 times a day everyday. Zippy complained that he couldn’t stand up because his legs hurt so badly since he was so sleepy and suggested that he just go on to bed. The icebreaker at tonight’s meeting was smearing peanut butter all over people’s faces. Our children’s director had already had some serious discussions with the camp leaders about Zach’s peanut allergy. Apparently while Paul whisked Zippy away and comforted him, our heroic and mother-bearish children’s pastor let the folks in charge really have it!


  2. Posted by Fran on July 9, 2010 at 9:30 PM

    Glad Zippy isn’t as homesick. Cannot believe the PB thing!! UGH!! Is Elliot enjoying salad there or are they serving so much junk that he is craving veggies. (Hoping they are serving salad…) Haven’t heard from my guys since this morning except for a couple of quick texts. Missing them a lot tonight, but glad they are busy having fun…


    • Ended up taking a trip to ER since Zach was exhibiting signs of allergy. Thankfully, Paul had a good report that things are fine. I’m now officially ready for them to come home.


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