Not Me! Monday

Today I’m joining MckMama and lots of other bloggers in Not Me! Monday, where we are confessing many things that we absolutely did not do this week!  (Of course we didn’t!)  You can click on over to her blog to see what other bloggers have not been doing!

Here are a few things I have not been doing:

I did not go back to bed about 6 times today, spending a LOT of time there.  No way! I would never do that.  And if I did, I wouldn’t admit it here!  Nope.  Not me! I wouldn’t go back to bed for the day because I would so hate to be the sluggard talked about in the Bible!  Nope.  No sluggard here!

I did not leave the water running all night in my front flower bed this week.  No Way!  Not me! I would not be so wasteful and irresponsible – especially since we’re on water restriction around here.  And if ever questioned about it, I am not already planning to argue that “there is no restriction on outdoor water use between the hours of midnight and 5 AM so I broke no rules!!”  Not me!

I am not considering doing something that I’m so afraid I will regret.  I did not begin to research doing this crazy thing a few weeks ago and am most certainly not closer and closer to doing that crazy thing.  And I’m not purposely choosing not to tell you for fear you’ll encourage me one way or the other.  <sigh>  But. I. think. I’m. slipping.  And there will surely not be more on this to come real soon.  Nope.  No way!

And how about you?  What have you not been up to?


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