I don’t say too much about Elliot on this blog.  He’s an easy, typical kid — I mean, he’s actually easier than a typical kid.  He is a helper and a pleaser.  He is a self-starter.  He is respectful and obedient.  He is kind and usually patient.  And he’s wise beyond his years.  Who wants to hear about that on this blog??!!  Just kidding!  We all love to hear about Elliot!

Elliot will be in 6th grade next year!  Unbelievable!  In our school district, 6th grade is still part of the elementary school.  I like the 6th grade in elementary since I’m a big believer in keeping our kids as kids for as long as possible!  Let’s not rush them off to Junior High or Middle School or whatever.  I love that he will still be considered an elementary kid.  (Not to mention the added blessing of all 3 of my kids in the same school for one year!  More on that to come!)

Elliot has been in GT (gifted and talented) classes since 3rd grade.  He has loved it, and has really excelled there.  He finished this school year off strong, acing all 3 of his TAKS tests.  He got Commended Performance on all of them — 98, 100, and 100.  Not bad.

He will enter Pre-AP classes next year.  AP stands for Advanced Placement — it’s basically a more rigorous, honors-type curriculum of classes.  Paul and Elliot attended a meeting about Pre-AP classes this week.  Elliot came home claiming he was a little bit scared.  “It won’t be an easy A like you’re used to,” one of the teachers threatened.  “These classes will be much harder than any you’ve taken,” warned another.  The speeches really got Elliot’s attention.  I haven’t read the materials yet, and Paul and I have barely talked about it.  But the one thing Paul did say was that in Pre-AP Math, they will squeeze 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math into 6th and 7th grade so that the students can take Algebra in 8th grade.  It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Elliot loved his basketball season this year.  And he loved his soccer season this year, too.  When it came time to choose a sport for the summer, he had a hard time.  In the end, we signed him up for a week of soccer camp next week and a basketball season starting in July.  Hopefully these experiences will help him improve his skills so he’ll be ready to rejoin his teams this next school year.

And that’s about it for Elliot . . .   🙂


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  1. Hi Kelly,

    This is Ed, Maranda’s husband. I had read some of your comments but didn’t get a chance to to check out your blog until today. Being a teacher leaves me very little spare time. I just wanted to say hi and that I’m enjoying your blog. It’s always a blessing to find other people who are as adventurous as we are… By the way, congrats on Elliot. I’m a high school science teacher and I teach Pre-AP and G/T. I wish him the best in this new school year!


    • Hi, Ed! Yes, I’ve enjoyed reading y’all’s blog as well! I’m so excited for y’all as you begin this journey!! It’s a great one. And it’s one that God loves! 🙂 Thanks for the well-wishes for Elliot. He’s a go-getter so I expect him to shine! But there may some whining along the way! 🙂


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