Adoption Explained

I just this week landed upon a blog that I already love!  Maranda’s post from yesterday is amazingly powerful, and it speaks “to a T” my and Paul’s hearts for adoption.  (Except in our journey we also had the added passion for adopting transracially — just an additional element!  :))  Maranda’s post is good stuff!  Check it out here.

Go, Maranda!!


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  1. Thanks, Kelly! So glad it blessed you. We’re cool with transracial adoptions too. We will welcome whoever God sends!


    • I should note the link is taking you to the homepage…on which my husband has published a new post, so the post Kelly is referring to in one down. But my husband’s post is excellent, if I may say so myself! 🙂


      • Yes, Maranda, it blessed me! Great post! Love to hear from like-minded peeps! 🙂

        Yes, your hubby’s post is a great one, too. You’re both such thinkers and writers! Love it! 2 of my 3 links go to your specific post; but the first link goes to your home page . . . . hopefully my brilliant readers will be able to find the post I’m talking about! 😉

        Won’t you, guys??

  2. So sorry. Haha! Funny. I only saw the top link for some reason. Don’t mind me…I’ve been dealing with a sick baby. 😉


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