As you know, Chloe has been sick this week — fever, doctor, seizure, ER, virus, etc.  Anytime Chloe gets sick, it takes her a long time to recover.  A virus that would normally have a child down for a day or two gets Chloe down for a week.  Chloe got sick on Tuesday, and she’s still miserable.  Poor thing.

The doctor called today to say that her urine culture which was clear for the rapid test ended up growing bacteria.  She has a UTI (urinary tract infection).

A few things:

1.  I didn’t start her on the antibiotic that they prescribed since when we went to ER later that day, her blood test showed her white cells in perfectly normal range  — thus the “virus” diagnosis.  Since antibiotics don’t help viruses, I haven’t given it to her.  Now I learn that she indeed has an infection; she would be a lot better today if I had given her the medicine starting on Tuesday.  Ugh.  Bummer.  I’m sorry, Chloe.  But what’s a mom to do??

2.  It’s good to have an answer to why Chloe ended up with such a high fever (over 104) this week.  A UTI explains that.  Answers are good, no?

3.  But UTI diagnosis is a real bummer for Chloe.  She has a dysplastic right kidney and a neurogenic bladder.  (Explanation:  her right kidney never formed, and her bladder doesn’t work for some neurological reason.)  Her bladder hasn’t grown like a bladder should; thus, the plan has always been to eventually reconstruct it and make it bigger.  The hope has been for her to stay infection free so that she won’t have to have her right “kidney” removed — that way they can use the tissue from it for the reconstruction.  She hasn’t had a UTI in about 5 years — awesome!  But this UTI breaks our hearts a little bit.  Makes us concerned.  So the prayer is for this infection to heal quickly and cause no damage to her good kidney and for this to be the last infection for sure!

So . . .  we just started the antibiotic this afternoon.  Hopefully Chloe will feel a ton better in a day or so.


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