A Quick Check-up

Today Zachary had an appointment with his psychiatrist.  She writes all the prescriptions for Zach’s medicines for anxiety and ADHD and mood disorder; we visit her every 3 months to get prescriptions and to make sure she doesn’t need to change anything.  The visits include getting behavior / anxiety updates from me, finding out how Zach thinks he’s been doing, and then talking about meds.

Today my report was that he is getting angry — really angry — but is controlling it so that he isn’t hurting someone or destroying the room he’s in.  That’s a big improvement.  But his concentration, his listening, and his compliance are the big issues right now.

I did have to admit that I haven’t been giving Zach his afternoon dose of his ADHD med.  It is a hard one to work into a daily schedule for me.  I finally started setting a little alarm clock to go off everyday at 4, and that worked for nearly a week.  But the first day Chloe heard it buzz, buzz, buzzing, she grabbed it and took off with it. I hadn’t seen the little alarm clock since that day, but I found it this weekend!  My plan is to set the alarm clock to go off everyday again, but this time I’ll stick it up on top of the fridge or something.

When asked if he obeys his parents, Zach looked at me as he replied a little hesitantly, “Not really.”

At least he’s telling the truth.

The doc really got onto him during the visit because Zippy asked me a question and wasn’t pleased with my answer.  He mouthed and questioned my decision.  The psychiatrist gave him a pretty stern lecture about obedience and respect.  I love it when my kids hear another person in authority say the same ol thing that mom’s been saying for years.  It was hard not to look at Zach with an I-told-you-so smirk!

I don’t think we have ever gone to see the psychiatrist that she didn’t end up in total laughter at something Zippy said.

Today she asked him, “Who makes you so angry?”

“Elliot,” was Zach’s answer.

She asked him to tell her an example of a time when Elliot really made him angry.  He told her the story of a couple of days ago when Elliot bonked him with his new inflatable toy mace.  “He knew I had a cup of Froot Loops in my hands!!!  And he made me spill it!  He made me spill my Froot Loops!”

She didn’t need more details.  She didn’t have any deep pulling-your-thoughts-and-feelings-out questions.  She just died laughing.

“Froot Loops!!??” she asked through her laughter.  “Of course, . . .   food.”

As she wrote on her clipboard, she laughed and shook her head. “Couldn’t you just have gotten more Froot Loops from the box instead of getting so angry?” she asked, still smiling.

Of course, no amount of discussion or reasoning can help Zippy see straight when food is at all involved.  Food is his thing.

She continued to ask Zach and me questions.  And she finally mentioned Zach’s fidgeting and watching the clock.  “You sure seem in a hurry to leave from here.  Where in the world are you headed after this?”

“Subway,” answered Zach.

And with that, the laughter broke out again.

Glad we can so easily spread so much joy.  😉


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