Random, Really Random

Please know that Zippy’s photo is coming.  And Chloe’s medical update is coming.  And other things are coming.  I have fallen behind — blame it on the craziness of life.  But for now, enjoy this:

While driving in the van, Zippy pipes up from the back with a concerned and urgent voice.  “A bunch of people drowned, didn’t they, Mom??!!”

After quickly glancing around in all directions trying to spy some rescue vehicles or something, I just looked at him in the rearview mirror and waited, now concerned myself about the drownings.

When he didn’t fill me in with any information, I finally asked him what in the world he was talking about.

“The Titanic.  Lots of people drowned, didn’t they, Mom?”

Well, yes, they did.  I nodded.

And then we had a short, choppy conversation about the sinking, the drowning, the sadness, the tragedy of the Titanic.  In the conversation, he never spoke a complete sentence since his thoughts were coming so quickly.

And then Zippy’s thought and Zippy’s concern were gone.

And I’m sure he jumped to some other random thought that he threw at us. . . . and we had no choice but to try to follow along.


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