I’ve discussed here before some of the difficulties of having a nonverbal child.  It is especially difficult trying to figure out if the child is not feeling well, in pain, tired, uncomfortable, or just crabby.

Chloe and I are in that communication challenge right now.

The signs that I’ve been seeing?

Well, at church, Chloe got upset in her class.  She went and laid down in the tent in her classroom and cried and cried and cried.  When her sweet teacher approached her to console her, she screamed at him to be left alone.  Of course, the nature of a good parent is to console a sad and screaming child so her sweet teacher picked her up to try to comfort her.  She was displeased with that choice and made her body stiff, kicked, and continued to scream and cry.  That’s when I was called onto the scene.  She was, indeed, sad and unconsolable.  When the teacher explained to me that it had all started when something funny happened in class and all the other children were cracking up laughing, I felt that the mystery was solved.  That certainly explained it because extreme emotion makes Chloe cry.

But later I noticed her eyes seemed a little glassy and her face had that sick-kid look to it.  Maybe she doesn’t feel well, I thought.

But then that evening she really perked up and had a nice time playing so I sent her to school yesterday.

The note from her teachers yesterday convinced me that Chloe is either not feeling well or is in pain or something.

The notes?

“Chloe has laid down in the hall 3 times today refusing to walk.  😦  She seems very tired today.”

“Chloe’s morning started out rough in the cafeteria.  Mrs. D had to get on to her for hitting another student.”

“She was extremely agitated during the morning.  Also, very tired!”

“When she got her morning diaper change, Chloe laid on the changing pad for about 15 minutes just resting.  She seems really sleepy.”

Now, if she had gotten less sleep than normal, then I would assume she was just tired.  But she got more sleep this weekend than she normally does.

So I decided she doesn’t feel well and kept her home from school today.

Whether she’s ill or not, she will LOVE being home today — she’s very much a homebody.

But then . . . . if she’s not ill, maybe it’s the prepuberty rearing its ugly head again.

Gotta love the guessing game. . . .

(BTW, some medical updates on this precious girl will come later this week.  Her plate is a little full right now.)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hope she feels better soon!


  2. Posted by Ronda Campbell on May 5, 2010 at 6:19 AM

    Hope the day at home cures everything!


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