Easter Photos

I just realized I never shared my Easter photos with you.

So . . . .  try to get back into that Easter spirit and enjoy these photos.

Click the speaker symbol in the slideshow box if you want to hear the music.

Remedial instructions:

To view the photos larger and at your own pace, click on View All Images.  When it takes you to a new screen, click on Original View on the right side of the page.  If you want the photos even bigger, click on Full Screen on the right side of the page.  Then on the next page, notice up at the top where you can control:  back, stop, forward.  If it’s going too fast for you, just click the middle button which is stop; then, you can restart and stop, etc at your own leisure.  🙂

And if the slideshow box doesn’t show up at all, click the button that says Easter kids photos.

Let me know if there are any problems:  this is my first attempt at doing a slideshow.  🙂


One response to this post.

  1. Great pics kelly! Thanks for sharing!


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