TAKS Update

Thank you all for your prayers today!

Zippy took the math TAKS today. He got in the car and looked happy.  He said it was “good.   It wasn’t too hard.  But I might have failed.”  But he was chipper enough about it.  That’s awesome, of course!   No matter the grade at this point — it is over and he feels good.

He said he was the 2nd one to turn in his test which is not the best of signs. . . . but he said, “Momma, I took the test and then went over it 3 more times. I didn’t know what else to do so I turned it in even though I was only the 2nd person to turn it in.”   I encouraged him again that all he can do is his best and assured him that I’m proud as can be of him.

Tomorrow he takes the reading TAKS.  He is not as worried about the reading as he is about the math.   He thinks he’s better at reading than math.   Not sure why since his grades are very much the same in both subjects.  But at this point I’m glad for any confidence he shows.

Again, thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for him today.  I passed them along to him, and he smiled.

Would love to have more prayers for tomorrow’s test.


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