Lost it? Then, FINDIT

Glasses can be expensive.  They can actually be quite expensive.

Having 3 children wearing glasses can be ridiculously, painfully expensive.

We have learned that it is better to buy the more expensive glasses that have a 2 or 3 year warranty against breakage instead of buying a million pair of cheaper glasses that you just throw away or repair with duct tape when they break.

While we buy more expensive glasses, we always take full advantage of the warranty.  Full advantage.  I’m surprised, in fact, that our glasses shop still offers our family the warranty.

Glasses that are lost are not covered under the warranty.  A memory of the glasses doesn’t cut it, nor do little indentions on the child’s nose do anything to help you claim a new pair through the warranty.  Lost glasses are lost glasses.

And lost glasses must be replaced.

Replacing glasses can be really expensive.

I’m considering adding a FINDIT to Chloe’s new glasses.

How would you use a FINDIT ?


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  1. Posted by Tia on April 22, 2010 at 8:12 PM

    Macy’s first pair of glasses were lost 1 week after picking them up the day after Thanksgiving (last year). Yep, 7 short days after paying $100+ so she could see, she was blind again….right before Christmas, when we didn’t have money for gifts much less another pair of glasses. After Christmas we bought her two pair of cheap glasses at Wal-mart to make sure we had a spare. Close to the end of the school year (last year), she lost one of those pair. I went into the office to see if anyone had turned them in…..and lo and behold, they had the FIRST pair of glasses in the office drawer….the ones lost at Thanksgiving. Knock on wood, she has had her latest pair of glasses 10 months without losing or breaking them. Maybe she’s growing up. 🙂


    • Yikes, Tia! I feel your pain!!


      • Posted by Tia on April 25, 2010 at 3:26 PM

        So….I did not actually knock on wood when I wrote this…shame on me. Yesterday at our church’s yard sale/family fun day we lost Macy’s glasses. The ones we’ve had for 10 months. The ones we only neeeded to make it 2 more months before we could get another pair of glasses through insurance. Sadly, it’s not even Macy’s fault. The glasses were slipping on her nose in the bounce house and then she wanted to get her face painted, so I hung her glasses on the neck of my t-shirt. When it was time to leave, I no longer had her glasses on my t-shirt. I did help pack up the yard sale at the end of the day and can only hope the glasses are in a box from the yard sale. We are having the sale again this Saturday because we had so much stuff, so I plan to go through every single item and see if I can find them. I searched the entire lawn for them too. No go. 😦

      • What a huge bummer!! I do hope you find them!

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