A Stranger Smiles

I love it when my children bless a stranger.

I especially love it when my children bless a stranger, and I get to see the smile left on the stranger’s face.

This week when we arrived at Elliot’s soccer practice, Elliot dropped his soccer ball as he got out of the car.  We were parked beside an empty parking space, and the ball rolled quickly across it.

An older gentleman sat in his car facing the empty space beside us and waited to pull his car through the space so he could leave.  He watched Elliot chase the soccer ball across the empty space.  And he watched the soccer ball go under the next car.

Elliot ran around that car in an attempt to catch the ball when it came out.  Alas, the ball did not come out the other side so Elliot came back around and looked under the car.  Just as he suspected, the ball was lodged under the car.

I quickly glanced at the gentleman to see if he was annoyed yet.  He had a big grin on his face — he was thoroughly enjoying the show!

Since it is NOT at all Elliot’s personality to drop down on the pavement and belly scoot under a stranger’s car to retrieve a ball, he was at a loss.  I immediately called for Zippy to go get the ball.

Zippy, pleased to be needed and called upon, scurried across the empty parking space and happily belly crawled under the car.

A quick glance back to the man in the car revealed an even bigger grin.  I even thought I saw his shoulders gently shaking up and down in a chuckle.

Zippy came triumphantly out from under the car with the soccer ball safe and sound.  He stood up like the hero he was and proudly handed his big brother the soccer ball.

Elliot happily ran off to practice.  Zachary joyfully bounded back into the van.  And the gentleman in the car drove slowly and carefully through the empty space, made eye contact with me while he smiled and laughed, the joy beaming from his sweet face, and went on his way.

We were all blessed.  All 4 of us.

Elliot got his ball back.  Zippy played the role of hero.  The gentleman in the car watched an entertaining show of boys being boys.  And I was the recipient of a big ol joyful smile from a stranger.


3 responses to this post.

  1. … and you’ve just blessed me with this little post! Thank you! ❤


  2. Posted by Mom on April 16, 2010 at 1:02 PM

    How many blessings might we miss in life’s everyday happenings, because we are too rushed, too preoccupied,or just not looking? I’m glad you didn’t miss it.


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