An Amazing Attempt

Chloe, my eight-year-old daughter, is nonverbal.  She’s very bright and wants to communicate, but she just can’t make her mouth and throat do its thing.  So she makes some grunts, makes some cute little puppy dog sounds, does some sign language and lots of gesturing.

She normally doesn’t try to “talk” to people unless she knows they will know what she’s “saying.”  So unless it’s mom, dad, brothers, one of her teachers, or someone like that, she will usually not even try to “talk” to them.

Now and then there are some really fun, encouraging moments watching her attempt to communicate to other people.

Last week at one of the many appointments that complicated my schedule, there was a momma and her little girl in the waiting room with us.  The little girl had a talking, singing Dora doll.  Chloe loved (yet hated) the singing Dora.  She wanted the little girl to push Dora’s tummy over and over and over, but Chloe kept her arms up over her head, shielding her ears from the sound and her eyes from the sight of this wonderful Dora toy.

The girl quickly tired of Chloe’s request and announced that she wanted to save Dora’s batteries.  Waste not; want not, I suppose.

When the girl put Dora safely on a chair by her momma, Chloe went over and sat in the chair beside Dora.  I told Chloe not to touch Dora, and she beautifully obeyed.

But she LOOKED at Dora.  And she LOOKED at the momma.  And she LOOKED back at Dora.

Then, Chloe got off of her chair and stood right in front of the momma who was filling out some paperwork.  Chloe looked into the momma’s eyes, pointed at her while making her little talking-humming-sound; then pointed at Dora and made another little talking-humming-sound.

It was amazing!!!  She was asking this total stranger to push Dora’s tummy for her!  She asked the momma to make Dora sing!

I nearly cried.  I nearly clapped.  I nearly praised her efforts.

But I didn’t.  The nurse called Chloe’s name, and we went back for our appointment.

Of course, the momma didn’t have a clue what Chloe’s pointing and “talking” meant.  But it was such an amazing moment for Chloe and me!


6 responses to this post.

  1. .. this is a beautiful story Kelly. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Posted by Heidi on April 13, 2010 at 12:38 PM

    I BET that is just a sign of what is to come with her and communicating!!


  3. That’s awesome. I have tears in my eyes–Chloe: you’re amazing!! Sorry you didn’t get what you wanted. Momma–you better get that girl a talking Dora doll!


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