8 is Normal??!!

I have been seeing signs of puberty in Chloe for a couple of months — namely breasts, body odor, and moodiness.  (I couldn’t see the body odor . . .  you know what I mean.)

It is very normal for syndrome kids to enter puberty early.  There are drugs that can pretty easily put a stop to the process until later.

Chloe is the size of a small kindergartner (and that’s stretching it!)  She’s very small.

My plan?  Go to the endocrinologist and get the puberty stopped.

We’re not ready for puberty . . . . any of us!!

We went for our appointment last week.  The doctor agreed that she was showing signs of puberty.  But the report that surprised me was:  “Eight years old is a very normal age for puberty to start in girls.”

What??!!  Eight is normal??!!  Wow.  Couldn’t believe it.

But thankfully the next words out of the doctors mouth were, “But we can stop it if you want to.”  She explained that children with developmental disabilities oftentimes benefit from stopping puberty for awhile — even if they are the age for puberty.  The “emotional trauma” of puberty is the biggest concern for them.  And if the child already has a full plate of issues, puberty is an easy one to keep off the plate for a while.

“Sign us up for whatever it takes to stop it,” was pretty much my reply.

So Chloe was sent for some blood work to check hormone levels.  They also did a bone-age scan — an xray of the hand that shows the “age” of the bone.  And she is scheduled for a pelvic sonogram next week to check out her ovaries.  Hopefully these tests will be conclusive enough for us to begin treatment.

If these tests are not fully conclusive, then Chloe will have to undergo a FOUR HOUR LONG test to determine if her ovaries are in fact communicating with her brain at this point.

And there you go.  More information than you wanted, I’m sure.


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  1. Posted by Heidi on April 5, 2010 at 8:55 AM

    I think you are wise stopping it. And as far as 8 being normal, I can report what I see here at school, and yes the 8 year olds can show signs like the “breast buds” and a little odor but both of those are usually seen in the bigger or “overweight” kids not the smaller, skinny ones like Chloe…..just fyi.


    • Thanks, Heidi for your comment. I figured no one would comment on this post because of the sorta personal nature of it. So thanks!! Thanks for your opinion of my decision (especially since you agree with me!! Just kidding!) And thanks for the report on your students at school. Interesting that it’s not usually the small kids beginning puberty. Thanks!


  2. Posted by Heidi on April 5, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    Since Kara is in the beginning stages of puberty, It has been an area of concern for me. It’s kinda like when you first get pregnant and have to go to the doctor, you are a little uncomfortable, but by the end of it your like….you need to see things nurses, doctors, assistants????? Well….where do ya want me and what do you need to see?! It’s kinda like that, you become desensitized.. Isn’t that funny?


  3. Posted by Tia on April 5, 2010 at 9:21 PM

    Kelly, Lauren just turned 9, but it was early this school year that I noticed that she had strong BO. I was a little concerned because that seemed early to me, but found some stuff online that say that girls as early as 8 can need deodorant. She is a little overweight, about 10 lbs. heavier than average for her age. I understand your concern. These are things I didn’t think I’d have to deal with for at least another couple of years. It felt so weird buying “Teen Spirit” for my 8-year-old. Fortunately I have found other moms at school who share these intimate details about their daughters so I know that I’m not alone. Chloe will be in our prayers as she is undergoing these tests.


    • Wow. Thanks for sharing, Tia. And glad you have someone to talk to and share the intimate details with. I guess I should get Chloe some Teen Spirit. I’ve just been swiping her pits with the boys’ deodorant so she smells like a handsome little boy. That’s not fair, is it??! 🙂


  4. Posted by Renee' on April 6, 2010 at 2:15 PM

    I’m not ready for this. I thought it was like 10 older. What is happening? Marissa is about to be 7 and I’m just not ready! You better continue blogging so I can know what is coming up. You’ve taught me a few things already so that I can keep my eyes and ears open!!!!

    Love ya!



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  6. […] went to the endocrinologist.  This is the doctor she has been seeing for precocious puberty.  We were preparing to do a big test to finally determine how involved her body was in the puberty […]


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