Updates on my three


  • He’s started spring soccer.  Two practices a week, and games on Saturdays and/or Sundays.
  • His basketball team won 1st place in their bracket last week!  It was so much fun watching the boys improve their game throughout the season.  And to see them walk away with the trophy after beating a team that had beat them twice in the regular season was AWESOME!  Go Tigers!
  • He won the Good Citizen award at school for the 4th six weeks.  He got in trouble less than the other boys who have not received the award yet this year.  Yay!
  • Last night he was in a program at school where he played the xylophone, the recorder, and a drum, and performed a bucket piece where the boys used big white paint buckets as drums and threw them in the air and threw them to each other, etc.  It was great!
  • He told me last week that he has a crush on a girl.  Oh boy, here we go!


  • He got baptized at church a couple of weeks ago.  He was thrilled, and we are all so proud of him!
  • His basketball team never won a game, but each boy improved by leaps and bounds throughout the season.  He had a ball.  (pun intended!)
  • His basketball coaches also coach a 5th grade team that took 1st place in their bracket.  The team has the same name (Longhorns) and wears the same jersey.  On the final game day, when the 5th grade Longhorns won their game, Zippy rushed the court and was right there with the team passing out high-fives and congratulations.  Zippy had on his team jersey so he fit right in.  He even made it into a few team photos with the 5th graders.  He sincerely felt like it was HIS team and HIS win.  He was a little confused and disappointed when I didn’t allow him to get a trophy.  He couldn’t be convinced that it was not his team.  He was so funny.  “Vicariously” was our new word to learn that weekend.  🙂
  • He has been making passing grades — even As — on his most recent tests at school.  I’m expecting him to actually pass the big ol TAKS test next month.  Wow!  He, however, is still convinced he will fail the test and fail 3rd grade.
  • His psychiatrist added an afternoon dose of his ADHD medicine to help our evenings be more successful.  We will probably start that dose tomorrow.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!
  • He also has a crush on a girl.  Oh, me!


  • She had an ear infection last week.  Did antibiotic ear drops to treat it.
  • She is still not well.  Is it the ear infection?  Does she have an upper respiratory infection?  Does she have allergies?  Perhaps a urinary tract infection?  Who knows.  But she has no energy and not much appetite.  She spends a LOT of time laying in the floor, which is not conducive to school. . . .  I will probably take her back in to the doctor tomorrow and get her all checked out.  Wish she could tell me what hurts or what feels bad.
  • She got perfect attendance last six weeks!!  She has been in school for 5 1/2 years and has never gotten close to perfect attendance.  Awesome!
  • Unfortunately this six weeks, she has been absent 5 of the 8 days!!!  Oops.
  • Her ARD meeting is coming up in a couple of weeks.  It is never something I look forward to.  It’s pretty stressful to go through.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I know you meet yourself coming and going Kelly but… what a great Mom these three have! You are so many roles to these guys…. besides being the taxi driver and attending all of the church/school/sports events you play cheer leader, nurse and a host of unknown other things.
    >>Don’t ever think it goes unnoticed. It doesn’t. <oh my.. as far as the crushes… ..well I got nothing – hopefully they will not interfere w/ any good going on LOL <
    And I hope Chloe is feeling better soon! Poor thing. I can't imagine how hard that must be ~ to not be able to tell what's wrong.
    I'll be praying for each one of them … oh and for you too!


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