A Game

Here are some photos of a game that Chloe and I have been playing.

She likes the game lots more than I do.  🙂  In fact, I think she would constantly and forever play the game if I didn’t finally say it was time to be all done.

The other day while sitting at the table sewing (an upcoming post, for sure!), we played the game for nearly an hour and a half!!

The game?

Chloe goes out on the back porch and either knocks on the door or just opens it.

I greet her with excitement and emotion — “Hi!”

And then the question — “How are you?”

Chloe puts her lips in position and responds, “oo”   for “good.”

And then I say, “Bye!”

And she says, “Bye!”

And she returns to the porch to play it again.

Fun, fun!

She oftentimes giggles as she goes back out the door, very pleased with our exchanged greetings.

Sometimes to throw in some added excitement, I ask, “What’s your name?”

And she signs, “Chloe.”

I tell her I think it’s a beautiful name.

Sometimes I ask her, “Are you a boy or a girl?”

When she signs, “Girl,” I go on and on about what a beautiful girl she is.

But mostly it’s a ‘Hi, How are you, Good, Bye, Bye’  type of game.

And you know what I’ve noticed?  Since we’ve been playing the game, Chloe is more apt to respond correctly when people greet her and ask her how she’s doing.  So it’s a game with a lesson to learn!  The best kind of game!

Wanna play?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by kyle on March 6, 2010 at 7:12 PM

    good game!!!


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