Sweet, sweet sound . . .

Ever heard a song and thought, “Wow.  That is SO my song!  That is so me!” ??

I experienced that feeling just last night on my way home.

This song is amazing.  And it communicates for me the fact that I live my life — everything, the good, the bad, the big things and the small things — to glorify God.

I want everything I do — changing diapers, cooking dinner, adopting children, teaching on Sundays, volunteering at the school, being a friend, being a wife — everything I do to be a song to God, glorifying Him.  And I want my song to be a sweet, sweet sound to Him when He hears it!

I may even start listening to this song every morning to remind myself that my life is a song.  To remind myself that it’s not just the worship songs I sing to the top of my lungs in the car, or the praise songs I sing at church on Sunday . . . but it’s the things I do everyday that are my song to Him.

Enjoy “Sweet Sweet Sound” by Sarah Reeves.

Any “everyday things” you are doing as your sweet, sweet song?


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