Not Me! Monday

Today I’m joining MckMama and lots of other bloggers in Not Me! Monday, where we are confessing many things that we absolutely did not do this week!  (Of course we didn’t!)  You can click on over to her blog to see what other bloggers have not been doing!

Here are a few things I have not been doing:

I did not secretly, silently cheer inside when Zachary had to miss his basketball practice Friday evening.  No way!  Not me! I would never celebrate when one of my children is ill — even if it does mean a night off from running here, there, and yonder for practices.

I did not find an envelope of cash in my own house this week.  And I did not have to wonder what it was from.  I did not have to just guess that it was left over from my last garage sale (since it was in the spot where I usually keep my garage sale cash).  And I do not already have big plans for the $240 in the envelope!!  Nope!  Not me! I am always very responsible with my money and keep records of every penny.

I did not have to ask Paul to read a couple of posts for me this week to tell me if they were appropriate to post on my blog or not.  I was not a little bit concerned that perhaps the two posts were too much or too strong or too offensive.  And I did not smile a big smile and cheer a happy cheer when he approved of them.  And I am not mentioning the two posts here to make you wonder and wait for them!  😉  And I am not planning on posting one of them right here on this blog tomorrow. Nope.  Not me! I would never tease you and make you wait to read my two rant posts.

How about you?  Anything you have not been doing this week?


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  1. I help my nephew with his homework and I agree, it’s a bit much. I didn’t have that much homework until college! My how times have changed.


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