New Week’s Resolutions

Well, I thought about demanding a re-do.  I was sick for a few days this week, and Zippy was sick for a day so I didn’t do so well at accomplishing my tasks.  But again:  a week is a week is a week.

I didn’t paint my nails or clean my whole house in one day.

But here are photos to prove that I did at least clean off my desk.

The tall, skinny bookshelves are a new addition to my little workspace.  (By the way, I’ve decided not to purchase anything new unless it can be described as “tall and skinny” to see if it wears off on me a little bit!)  When I found these tall, skinny bookshelves at Target, I couldn’t resist them.

A phrase on the tag really caught my eye:

“Restore order with only minutes of assembly!!??”  Well, give me two of those!

And after only minutes of assembly, my space was organized!  Yippee!  And for only $30!

For this coming week, I resolve to:

1.  Paint my nails!  I would really like to do this so I’m carrying it over to this week.

2.  Exercise at least 3 days.  Oh my word!!  I can’t believe I’m typing this!  Exercise!  Yikes.  My body rebels against exercise, and now I’ve just <sorta> committed to doing it 3 times!  Oh me!  I’m already a little scared of this one.

There you have it!  My two resolutions.  Anyone care to join me?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Your space looks great! I always have a time with the put together stuff as it seems like I have one or two more nuts and bolts then it says I need or even worse!!… I don’t have enough!!! and that sends me to the garage (not my territory) trying to figure out something that will work as a suitable replacement. Anything … so I don’t have to go BACK to the store!
    Have a great week!


    • Oh, Cindi, thanks for bragging on me. I need positive affirmation! 😉 I love to put those things together — a feeling of accomplishment after only minimal work. But I do always have leftovers . . . .


  2. Hey,that’s MY daughter’s workspace!!!!!:)


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