Dear Chloe,

Dear Chloe,                    Feb 10,2010

You are so sweet and so precious.  I watch in amazement as you bless and bless and bless every single person you touch.  I watch with joy as you give hugs and as you make people smile.  I watch with pride as you excel and accomplish and succeed.  I watch in wonder as you dance and praise God.  I watch in awe as you push and strive and try and determine to accomplish tasks.

Your love of animals is so special.  I think you would be happy to sit and hold a kitten or a rabbit or a chicken all day!  To see the seriousness and firmness of your desire to love and care for animals makes me smile.

Speaking of smile, I love yours!  The muscles in your face don’t allow your mouth to turn up in a typical smile, but that doesn’t stop your face from smiling!  I love your smile.  And you know what?  I sorta love being one of the very few people who even recognizes your smile as a smile.  It makes me feel like I’m part of a special club with you.  I love your smile.  And I love your laugh, too!

I am proud of you.  You are doing great in school.  You are getting stronger.  You are getting so much better at walking.  You are doing better in social situations.  You are talking more and eating more.  You never cease to amaze me!

You truly are an awesome girl, and I love you with every inch of me!




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  1. beautiful Kelly! ❤


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