Dear Elliot,

(I am posting the letters I wrote to my children last week.  If you think it’s too personal, then feel free not to read them.  But I wanted to post them here to encourage you to write letters to your children (or to someone that you love) if you want to.  I wanted you to see that it was really easy and that you don’t have to make the letters say everything you’ve ever wanted to say to your children.  Instead, the letters can be pretty short and just mention a few quick things to brag on your child and to make him/her feel special.)

Dear Elliot,                              Feb. 10, 2010

As I write this letter, you are in the gym at basketball practice.  It is your first year to play.  I am so proud of how you’re doing.  You are the only first-timer on your team, but you are doing so well and improving each week.  It is so fun to sit in the stands at your games and cheer for you!  You give such focus and energy and effort at each practice and every game.

Actually, you give focus and energy and effort at everything you do.  At school, doing homework, working with EMT, playing soccer, doing AWANA – you give your best at everything you do.  And that’s why you shine everywhere you go.  When people – adults and kids – see someone always giving 100%, they take notice.  And they respect you for your efforts.  Your efforts make me so proud of you.

Your respect for others is also a huge part of who you are.  The adults in your life certainly notice your respect, your good manners, and your quick obedience.  Those things are huge blessings to adults.  And your respect for kids is so obvious, too.  I never see you being bossy or whiney or selfish with your friends.  Your kindness and gentleness has earned you lots of friends.

I am also so proud of your heart for God.  To see you hungry and eager for God to do miracles is refreshing and exciting to me.  The way you listen to God and hear His voice blesses me so much.  I am excited to see what God does because of your faith.

And you know what?  I love hanging out with you!  The other day I was thinking about when you were in homeschool and Zippy and Chloe were at school.  There were lots of days when you and I went to lunch together.  What fun memories!  We usually talked and laughed while we ate at the restaurants.  But sometimes we both took books in with us and read our novels while we ate.  I remember once at Krystal’s Hamburgers a lady came over to our table and interrupted our reading to ask you what book you were reading.  You were 6 or 7 years old.  The lady was a librarian and was touched nearly to tears watching you and me sitting and reading together.  You know how terrible my memory is, but I clearly remember that day and other days like it.  I treasure my time with you!

I guess what I’m trying to say in this letter is that you are a really great kid and I like you a lot and I love you tons!




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  1. Kelly
    This is such a sweet and awesome way to recognize all of the wonderful traits you see in Elliot… And what a wonderful way to inspire him to continue them! I wish I had done something similar when my girls were growing up! Gosh, to think that anytime he’s having a hard time or a bad day he can go back and reread this … how encouraging it will be! Wow! What a wonderful Mom you are!


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